Learn How to Play Slot Machines

You will surely agree that Slot Machines, a.k.a. “One-armed bandit” a.k.a. Fruit machines are without an iota of bias, top the league of flashy games in modern casinos. This known fact makes it very hard for a person to overlook or ignore its beauty and tempting call for its play. The name slot naturally comes from its mode of play. A player is expected to slot in a coin and then pull the handle at the side upward or downward to horizontally draw three symbols that would determine if one has won or not after the rolling or rotating of the machine has come to rest. After the machine has rotated and a player wins, the slot machine would drop through some narrow opening into a tray or cup the amount of coins won as revealed by the symbols. These symbols of playing a slot game could be numbers, cards, fruits, stars, the moon, or the sun. In a simple usage of words, Slot Machines are machines that a players slots a coin into and retrieves more coins if he eventually wins. A fantastic attribute of this game is that, like most casino games, it has evolved technologically and can be played online in online casinos and offline in land casinos.

Historical background of Slot Machines

Historically, the first-ever slot machine was invented by a mechanic named Charles Fey in San Francisco in 1894 during the Gold Rush. Charles Fey was from a town named Bavaria. He called this slot machine the “Liberty Bell.” The Liberty Bell was one of the earliest forms of slots machines to be seen in casinos and added 3 reels that automatically display symbols to determine if a player has won or not. This slot machine doesn’t always reward money; it sometimes gives out drinks, cigars, beer, or whatever the player’s fate wins.

Fey’s invention became an outstanding success that even he could not keep up with the demands coming from people despite the slot machine being banned in California. Shortly after, so many other inventors and competitors created their version of the Liberty Bell. One of the earliest inventions of these Slot Machines was by A man named Herbert Mills in 1907. He also called his device the liberty bell, and it has so many similar attributes to Charles Fey’s invention.

In year 1963, in Illinois, a different type of the slot machine called the electromechanical slot machine was developed by Bally. This machine was known as money honey. A fantastic feature of this slot machine was its capability to pay up to 500 coins without anyone operating it automatically.

Another fantastic invention of the slot machine came in 1976 in Kearny Mesa, California. This invention was the first-ever video slot machine. The สล็อต were designed to display colorful graphical contents of the slot machine functions. And a fantastic feature of this machine was that the lever by the side of conventional slots machines used for activate.

Ion was replaced with buttons which we are easily operated.


The slot 

game is a money-making avenue with many prospects and opportunities; however, one must be careful when deciding on a trading budget. Taking a large amount of money can either mean you will be getting more money relative to how much you wager or that you would be losing so much money all at once. Playing with a small amount of money, on the other hand, can mean you will be playing for a more extended period, and it can also tell you would be making little money related to how much you wager. One has to be careful and decide one’s budget and one’s chances of winning

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