What’s Going on with Gamers Nexus and PC Tech?

Gaming options have been in increasingly in the news for a while now as esports continues to thrive and grow bigger than traditional sporting events, other gaming options are being explored as the likes of online options here at wish casinos are starting to hit their stride with a changing audience too, and console fans are being greeted with some good news as the potential for availability of the newest consoles is looking up once again too. For PC gamers looking to get new tech, there have been some struggles found particularly as stocking issues continue to remain but that could be good for some, as investigations by Gamers Nexus have uncovered some issues with high end spec items.

The big target has been towards power supply units, particularly those offered by manufacturer Gigabyte – testing of some 850GM and 750GM units revealed an unusually high rate of failure, spending months testing these hardware options, Gamers Nexus found that half of those PSU’s sourced from either viewers of their YouTube channel or bought directly had failed, and had also managed during testing to fry a price RTX 3080 card too although without certainty if this was directly related to the PSU or not.

Gigabyte have since released a statement with what they believe the problem to be, suggesting that the extensive testing offered was triggering the ‘over-power protection’ point and this was causing the failure, and suggesting that the reviewers pushing the load onto these PSU’s for extended lengths of time were what caused failure. Gamers Nexus did respond to this suggesting Gigabyte were pushing the truth here in a dangerous way, but that adjustments area coming in that may hopefully remedy this situation, as well as opportunities to return and exchange units too.

Other hardware had been in the news earlier in the year too, the beta release of Amazon Game Studios New World initially hit some criticism as it would fry some higher end GPU’s, notably with aftermarket 3090’s, but not at all related to the game as it was a firmware issue with frame limiters that had occurred in other titles too – but with chips costing thousands of dollars frying because of an oversight by those producing the boards, it has started to highlight some concerning issues in the enthusiast area for those spending huge sums of money on hardware that looks to be failing regularly.

As more reviewers are taking a deep dive into what’s going on, there will certainly be more changes afoot, particularly as reports surface for any other hardware that may be failing for higher end systems.

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