What's The Cost Of Replacing Plumbing In An Old House?

The cost of replacing plumbing in an old house depends on various factors including the size of the house, the complexity of the pipe system, the type of materials you want to use, and whether you want to replace the entire drainage system or you’re looking for just a simple repiping service. Accordingly, plumbing replacement can cost you anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over $15,000 or $20,000.

Plumbing-associated problems are common in old houses. Most people who purchase an old property have to deal with plumbing issues. It is in fact one of the major drawbacks of buying an old house.

However, with the help of professionals such as Clover Services, you can easily and affordably replace the plumbing in an old apartment. Clover Services should be your go-to choice for plumbing or re-plumbing requirements.

Signs That My House Needs Plumbing Replacement

An old plumbing system or failure of any portion of your house’s plumbing can cause serious damage to the property. It can result in leaky roofs, restricted water flow, pipe blockage, unsafe electrics, sewer odor, gas pipe explosion, and various other serious issues.

You can look for some common signs to detect plumbing issues in your house before they can cause major damage to the property. Pipe cracks, pipe leakage, corroded pipes, wet baseboards, or wet areas behind the dishwasher or sink, cracks on the walls of the foundation, and moisture under the carpeting are all indications that it’s time to repair or replace the plumbing.

Sometimes you can easily detect the plumbing problem as the issue persists in the exposed pipes. However, at times, the problem could be in the underground drainage system.

Cost of Plumbing Replacement

The cost of plumbing replacement varies depending on various factors. Let’s look at some of the major factors that can affect the cost of plumbing replacement.

Material of the Pipe

The price of plumbing replacement depends largely on the type of piping material used. Copper pipes, PEX pipes, and tubing, and Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride pipes (CPVC) are some of the most popular piping materials.

Copper pipes cost you around $2 to $8 per linear foot, whereas PEX and CPVC pipes cost you around $0.40 to $2 and $0.50 to $1 per linear foot respectively.

Size of the House

Another important factor that decides the cost of plumbing replacement is the house size. The larger the size of your house, the more is the requirement of plumbing material. The number of stories in your house is also directly proportional to the plumbing cost.

Plumbing a multi-story building would definitely cost more than a single-story building. The number of hours required by plumbers to replace the plumbing system will also increase with the increase in house size. Hence, both the cost of material and service charge will increase if you have a big house.

Location or the Appliances

The cost will vary depending on where the issue persists–at a specific location or in an appliance. Bathroom plumbing costs an average of $1500 to $4000, whereas kitchen plumbing can cost you around $1600 to $3,200. This can also be more dependent on the size of the kitchen.

For specific appliances such as water heater, washer, furnace, etc., the price starts from $600 and can go as high as $5,000.


Another factor that determines the cost of plumbing replacement is the accessibility of the faulty area. If plumbing requires wall or floor demolition, such as in the case of underground or hidden pipelines, the cost will undoubtedly be more. On the other hand, you can expect lower charges if the pipes are visible and are easy to get hold of.


If you want to replace the plumbing of just the bathroom or sink, it will cost you around $200 to $600. Whereas, getting the entire plumbing system replaced will cost you somewhere around $2000 to $5000, or even more.

How To Reduce The Plumbing Replacement Cost?

Plumbing costs are not written in stone and can be reduced by adopting the following measures.

Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance such as regular cleaning of the sewers and the drainage system can reduce the cost of plumbing.

Regular House Inspection

Getting your house inspected at timely intervals can reduce the cost of replacing plumbing in an old house. A regular house inspection can save your house from any major plumbing issues, thus eliminating the need for complete plumbing replacement.

Timely Repairs

You shouldn’t avoid minor problems such as pipe blockage and leakages. Get them immediately repaired so that they don’t lead to any major problems that will cost you more.

Using Water-Efficient Toilets

Always aim for water-efficient toilets. In case, the water supply in your toilet is low, try pouring some extra water while cleaning the toilets.

Keeping the Drains Clean

Do not allow the drains and pipelines of your house to get clogged. Blocked drains can lead to major problems that can burn a hole in your pocket. You can reduce the cost of plumbing by regularly cleaning the drains and pipes.

Preventing Pipe Explosion from Frozen Water

In case the water in the pipe is freezing, run the closet tap or faucet so that the water can properly move due to pressure. It is effective in preventing pipes from bursting.

Choosing a Genuine Company

Always choose an experienced and well-known company for getting your plumbing replaced. If a company charges more than what is required, consult two-three companies before you settle with one. Ensure that you choose a company that charges a decent price and offers reliable services.


Plumbing replacement in an old house can be extremely expensive. The replacement of the entire system can cause you thousands of dollars. However, with proper measures such as regular maintenance and timely inspection, you can minimize the overall plumbing replacement cost.

Many companies offer inspection services. You can consult one such service provider to get your home inspected and to know the estimated replacement cost of plumbing.

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