When Should You See an ENT Specialist?

Have you ever heard of the medical specialty otolaryngology? An otolaryngologist is an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist.

If you experience certain symptoms in your ears, nose, and throat, you should visit an ENT specialist before your condition worsens. Even small symptoms you may not consider could warrant a visit to an ENT.

Continue reading to learn about when to see an ENT specialist.

Ringing Ears

If your ears are constantly ringing, you may have a condition called tinnitus. Tinnitus is a high-pitched ringing noise inside your ears that others cannot hear. The sound can also be clicking, buzzing, or hissing.

An ENT doctor can treat ringing in the ears caused by tinnitus. Sometimes, tinnitus is an early symptom of hearing loss. Other times, it is indicative of an ear infection or other issue.

Sometimes, ringing is caused by earwax buildup. This blog post explains how ENT doctors treat earwax impaction by removing built-up earwax.

Continuous Nasal Congestion

If your nose is constantly blocked up for longer than the duration of a common cold, you should visit an ENT specialist. Persistent nasal congestion is often the sign of another issue.

ENT’s can treat nose conditions that result in persistent congestion. Possible conditions are sinusitis, allergies, and deviated septums. An ENT doctor will be able to diagnose and treat the issue right away.

Lump in Your Neck

If you have a lump in your neck that exists longer than 2 weeks, you should visit an ENT right away. A lump can be a sign of certain cancers that occur in the head, mouth, or throat. It can even indicate certain cancers of the blood.

It is critical to visit an ENT specialist as soon as possible because cancers in the head or neck can spread to the lymph nodes if left untreated.

Hearing Loss

Temporary hearing loss happens occasionally. Exposure to loud noises, ear wax build-up, or concussions can cause temporary hearing loss.

But, if you experience hearing loss for more than a week or two, schedule a visit with an ENT specialist. Your ENT will perform tests to find the cause of the hearing loss.

Oftentimes, hearing loss is a normal sign of aging. Other times, it can be a symptom of a serious illness like Meniere’s disease.

Persistent Sore Throat

Sore throats are common, so don’t schedule an ENT appointment every time you get one. However, if your sore throat is severe to the point that you can’t swallow, you should schedule a visit.

You should also visit an ENT if your sore throat has lasted longer than a week. These symptoms indicate that the issue is worse than a regular sore throat.

Your ENT specialist will diagnose the issue after a thorough throat examination. It could be tonsillitis or an acid reflux issue.

Find an ENT Specialist Near You

It is important to find an ENT specialist that is a part of your insurance network. If you are prepared in advance, you can feel confident making an appointment if you experience any of the symptoms detailed here.

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