Watching sports live has always been the first choice for all sports fans across the world. Though cricket is not as much in demand as soccer in America sports lovers prefer watching live broadcasts than recorded any day. With cable subscriptions, the number of channels is so extensive that you do get a variety of genres. Those who love sports, don’t mind spending few bucks extra for getting premium channels to watch exclusive sports content round the clock.

You can check Spectrum, Cox, Xfinity, and Mediacom cable and compare their channel lineups to see what is most suitable for you. You would certainly find more than a few options to pick from. However, in this article, we will be shedding some light on how and where to watch cricket online for free.

Cricket is equally loved and at some places more than any other game, which is why you will get plenty of options when you will start browsing. Similar to soccer lovers, cricket lovers also don’t mind paying an additional fee for premium sports content. But we will only be focusing on free online platforms for watching cricket. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

  1. Cricket World

Cricket World is the hub of entertainment for Cricket lovers. Having multiple sections on its webpage, you can watch everything you want related to Cricket. The Live section allows you to watch the live section of a Cricket match with live scores and schedules of matches. The Live Score section will keep you updated on the latest scoreboard and match results. Last is the Series section, where you can read the old, current, and future stories about the Cricket matches.

  1. Live Cricket Match Today

All of you are aware of YouTube and its exciting features. It has become one of the widely used sources for online entertainment. The Live Cricket Match Today is a YouTube channel that displays live streaming of Cricket matches held around the world. It is not an independent website, but it covers real-time cricket matches with live scores. The channel also has a playlist, where you can watch the highlights of the Cricket match of your team.

  1. CricBuzz

It is a famous Indian Cricket News Site that covers news and stories related to cricket matches. You can also enjoy live commentary, watching team stats, comparison, forecast, rankings, and matches scheduled for the future as well.

  1. ESPNcricInfo

CricInfo is also a well-known new website that Cricket lovers love to visit so they can stay updated without any lag. You can watch the live-action of the Cricket matches, news, and written stories. Apart from the world tournaments, it also covers events like CPL, BPL, IPL, County Championships, and more!

  1. Crictime

When considering the best live streaming cricket websites, you can skip Crictime. It features the progress of the current match on its main page. You’ll find a couple of links that will take you to live to stream the current match in progress. The multiple servers ensure that you enjoy seamless entertainment without interruption.

  1. CricHD

As the name indicates, this website entertains Cricket lovers with HD quality visuals. Visit the website, and you’ll see a table showing upcoming cricket events, leagues, team matches schedule with their start and end time. It is a full pack of entertainment with HD resolution.

  1. Hotstar

It is an all-in-one entertainment that entertains cricket fans with live streaming of Cricket matches, movies, TV shows, and more absolutely free of cost. All you need is to register your account using a working email address. Connect the device with an internet connection, and you are good to go. We don’t prefer using mobile data as live streaming would consume all of it in a few minutes.

Conclusive Notes

In the aforementioned discussion, we have enlisted all the best and free resources that will enable cricket fans to watch matches and stay up to date. You can also check their apps and there must be more apps and websites too that you can see and share in the comments with us and our readers. All these websites are popular with cricket lovers for providing the best free content, and timely updates.

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