Some Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Precious Home

You may have the intention of renovating, but now you’re not sure where to start! Many of us would find it ideal if we could do kitchen and bathroom renovations at the same time. Unfortunately, many of us frequently encounter time and/or financial constraints that make redecorating both rooms at once all but impossible. When organising a home remodelling job, it’s quite simple to feel overwhelmed. As a wise homeowner, you should concentrate first on the project that will yield the most return on investment. You want to make sure you’re updating wisely whether you intend to sell your home soon or at some point in the not-too-distant future. 

Here are some reasons to consider that will help you decide where to start:

A Solid Investment

Although remodelling kitchens tends to cost more than remodelling bathrooms, it pays off in the long term because of the superior return on investment. You’ll actually get the most for your money and probably increase your home’s resale value if you plan your home renovation project effectively and budget your money, such as by repainting, buying new appliances, refinishing surfaces, replacing hardware, updating lighting, and adding a fresh design.

Where you spend time

What would you say is the place in your home you and your family spend the most time and what makes you the happiest? The kitchen/family room is usually the answer. If it applies to you as well, there is a simple fix: remodel your kitchen. But what if you’re one of those folks who finds taking long soaks in a bathtub full of bubbles to be divine, thinks heating up a frozen pizza in the microwave counts as cooking; or uses the oven as extra storage. In this situation, remodelling your bathroom can be the best course of action.

Keeping up appearances

You should think about what visitors first notice when they enter your house. The kitchen is the space that most people enter first. Kitchens are right there in plain sight, but bathroom doors can always be closed. Additionally, the majority of prospective homeowners are keenly interested in the kitchen’s look while buying a home.

The simple route

No matter how big or small, remodelling your home causes some interruption to your daily routine. How much discomfort are you prepared to put up with in order to get the stunning results you desire? Have you considered which room you would find the most challenging to desert for a lengthy period of time? If your home just has one bathroom, you’ll need to make additional accommodations while the work is being done, however you can put up a temporary kitchen (hot plate, microwave) in your dining room.

Whatever you decide, or if you still need help to decide which part of your home requires a more immediate remodel, MW Homes has a team of experts to help you. They provide impeccable  bathroom and kitchen renovation services in Melbourne, and can guide you from the first fantasy of your kitchen to the handover of your modular kitchen or sparkling new bathroom. You can just sit back, relax, and take in the stunning transformation because they design, build, install, and fully project manage the entire process. 

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