What Not To Do When Using A Purchased Tiktok Account

With TikTok slowly overtaking Facebook and Instagram, it makes sense to spend time on this rapidly growing platform.

In TikTok fame, the number of TikTok likes and shares are the most important factors that determine the popularity.

Here we will explain how you can increase brand visibility by buying TikTok likes from the companies listed below.

There’s more!

The more people that follow you and engage with you on TikTok, the more credibility you gain, the more audiences you reach.

Do views or likes matter on TikTok?

Many people wonder if TikTok’s algorithm favors views over likes.

All engagement metrics are important in the end.

You can post a video to TikTok, and it will appear to users among other videos that they are watching. Your video’s popularity is determined by the number of times it has been viewed, liked, commented on, or shared. Engaging your video in these early stages increases its likelihood of being seen by others and landing on the Discover Page.

Why to buy TikTok likes

People will also follow you when they see that there are so many people liking your videos and liking your content. They follow you because they want to see all your videos, as well as be notified about future videos that you post. By doing so, you will gain more followers. On platforms like TikTok, everyone wants more followers as they have so many benefits, and receiving more likes will help you gain more followers. First of all, TikTok likes will increase the number of followers you have.

Furthermore, having more likes is a testament to the quality of your product or service. This will help build trust, and you will be able to sell more.

Best Sites to Buy TikTok Likes

1.      Media Mister – Buy TikTok Fans Fastest

Top features:

  • Easy way to buy TikTok likes, shares and comments.
  • Quick turn-around time – 100 TikTok followers within 3 days
  • Accepts bitcoins and other digital currencies

Media Mister is an online platform where you can purchase TikTok followers, likes, views, and shares.

In addition, Media Mister prioritizes the safety and anonymity of its users. You can use encrypted payment methods, such as cryptocurrency, to pay for services, so your data won’t be leaked.

2.   Famoid – easy Way To Buy TikTok Followers

Top features:

  • Genuine and active followers on TikTok
  • Provides gradual delivery in order to maintain authenticity
  • Secure online payment infrastructure for all orders


  • $3.95 for 100 followers
  • $8.95 for 500 followers
  • $39.95 for 2,500 followers

Through follower buying, Famoid helps individuals and companies achieve their social media promotion goals.  You can also rest assured that the company’s followers are legitimate and active, since it offers 24/7 customer service.

Payment can be made via PayPal or SafeCharge – and turnaround times are pretty fast as well.

3. Social Empire – Great for Sponsored Placements

Top Features:

  • Offers services for social media marketing

Their team of experts will create customized campaigns

We at Social Empire not only help you grow your following, but we also design effective digital marketing campaigns that will allow you to grow your following organically.

Social media marketing is a service offered by the Spanish marketing company through engaging campaigns and more!

You may purchase up to 1,000 TikTok followers from Social Empire, but not more. However, you can still buy them separately over time until you reach your target following.

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