Wearing an Apple smartwatch? What if you can make it look cooler and amazing? Of course, you can. This is the time of customization and we can get anything we want. There are various choices available all over the web. So what are you waiting for?

Whether you have a smartwatch or a fitness band, you can get their ban replacements. These replacements are easily available everywhere and you can get them to change how your watch looks. So if you like yourself to be in the spotlight, you can do this small change. This is surely an attention grabber.

Where will you get them?

Well, there are plenty of options available but if you want to keep it safe, Be sure to visit watchband.direct if you want to buy apple watch bands online. They also have plenty of options available to choose from. Therefore, you won’t need to go anywhere else. You can get a sleek leather strap with a modern look or an elastic one from this store.

Furthermore, there are also plenty of options available like loop design, braided chic, magnetic and silicon one. Likewise, they have a wide range of materials, designs and patterns for you to choose from.

To get the right one

There is nothing bad to be different from others. You can do things that you like and wear what you want. You do not have to live your life to please others and to meet their standards. Furthermore, with a different design and pattern on your smartwatch will make it even more interesting and attractive.

These include;

1 – Braided Solo loop or a simple one

This one has a single loop design. Therefore, there won’t be any openings for the band. All you have to do is to wear it by stretching the band. The material is usually silicon or rubber or any stretchable one. Thus, it is best suited for sportsmen and players. Or you can wear it while exercising.

2 – Milanese loop

The milanese loop is now different from the previous one. Its design was modified so that we can open it up and wear it comfortably. You can easily slide the closure through the lug and then attach it again after wearing it.

3 – A butterfly closure band

If your Apple watch band has a butterfly closure design, its opening will be a bit different. You will see a quick-release button on the bracelet. Press down this button and the bracelet will open up. Now the bracelet will become two pieces. After the bands are separate, you have to press the button on the watch. Slide the bands and separate them to remove them.

There is not a single model or design for the Apple smartwatch. Therefore, you will get plenty of options to choose from. Every single one of them has a specific feature that makes it different from others. So if you are interested in buying a smartwatch, you should look at these options.

Different options that you will have include;

  1. Apple watch sport loop
  2. Apple Milanese loop band
  3. Supcase protective case
  4. Kades stainless steel band
  5. Carterjett tire tread band
  6. Nomad modern strap
  7. Vaporwave elastic apple watch
  8. Salty USA nylon watch
  9. Epic band stainless steel link watch
  10. Secbolt thin leather band

All of these smartwatches provide different band materials and features. Some of them have a metallic look while others offer a leather finishing. You can either go for an authentic leather band or a silicon one. The choice is all yours. We can provide you with only a wide range of options.

How to change the band of your Apple smartwatch

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After you are done finding the watch that you want and have different band replacements, you should also know how to change them. Because otherwise, they won’t be of any use. You cannot ask someone to change it for you every time.

Step by step guide

  1. Place the watch upside down on a soft cloth or padded mat.
  2. If your band has a link design, there will be a button on the link. Press this button and the band will open up.
  3. Afterward, you need to release the band from the watch. To do so, you will have to press a button present on the watch. Hold down this button and slide the band across. This will remove the band.
  4. If it does not slide away, press the button again firmly and then slide the band.
  5. Now pick up the other band and slide it in the band slot. It’s done if you hear the click sound.

And that’s it.

Some FAQs

Do the bands fit all the models?

There are specific watch sizes for Apple, these are 38, 40, 42 and 44mm. If you have a watch of 38mm size, all the bands for this size will fit all the models. Therefore, while looking for replacement bands, you should pay attention to the size. If it fits the watch size, you can buy it.

Are all bands waterproof?

Not all of them. If you want to buy a waterproof band, you have to look for it. However, bands won’t get damaged easily even if you wash them or they get dry accidentally. All you need to do now is to wipe off the extra water. You can use tissue paper or cotton cloth to do so. However, if your band has genuine leather, it won’t be as simple. For leather bands, you have to dry them through air drying.

Are replacement bands expensive?

It depends on the materials, color and designs. If you are buying one from an expensive store, you will have to pay more. However, you can also buy some cheaper bands too. For example, you cannot expect to get a genuine leather strap in less than $10. Therefore, you will need to pay for the material you choose.

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