Which CI/CD systems should you know?

Lately, CI/CD systems have been gaining popularity in numerous organizations around the world. But how to implement these solutions quickly and correctly into the company? What tools to use to maximize its efficiency? Let’s find out. 

What is CI/CD?

But first thing’s first – what are CI/CD systems? Well, this acronym consists of two parts: Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). CI focuses on building, testing, and fusing code. That ensures that the code created by different developers fits together and does not contain any errors. On top of that, CI carries out automatic tests that allow for early detection of any errors, and they do not transfer as the work on the project progresses.

Continuous Delivery, as the name suggests, means that software is released continuously, in small batches. As a result, any bugs can be found and fixed immediately. Besides that, brand new functionalities are added right away, and the whole project can move forward at a much better speed.

What can you gain thanks to CI/CD?

Your company can enjoy many benefits after implementing CI/CD processes. The main ones include:

  • better code quality,
  • more advanced automation,
  • reduced labor time and costs,
  • streamlined communication,
  • quick feedback regarding code,
  • comprehensive data about the application’s performance,
  • improved client satisfaction.

What tools are available?

There are tons of great tools on the market that will allow you to work seamlessly with both CD and CI software. You can break these options down into two collections – cloud-native CI/CD pipeline tools as well as cloud-based CI/CD pipeline tools. The first group operates with the software implemented in containers, and the second one is designed for applications deployed in cloud infrastructure.

Which CD and CI software to choose?

If you’re looking for cloud-native CI/CD tools, you should check out such options as Tekton, TeamCity Cloud, Jenkins X, GitLab CI/CD, and GitHub Actions. On the other hand, if you prefer cloud-based CI/CD pipeline tools, try solutions provided by AWS CodePipeline Cloud Build from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as well as Microsoft Azure Pipelines

Learn more about each product and find the one best suited to your needs. With so many options, you will surely select the best tools that will help you create your CD and CI software automatically and without any bugs.

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