HIPP is a world-famous German manufacturer of baby food for children. The company was founded in 1932 by Georg HIPP, but his father created the first baby formula at the end of the 19th century for his own children. Hipp has been making baby food commercially since the middle of the 20th century. When HIPP launched baby food production, they decided not to leave such an important factor as the quality of raw materials to chance and organically cultivated vegetables and fruit without any chemicals. The company gets all ingredients (fruits, vegetables, and milk for its baby food) from ecologically clean regions and without the intervention of modern chemistry. By buying baby food HIPP, you can be sure of its naturalness and quality. Baby food HIPP is made only in Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, and Hungary). All processes are fully automated, which minimizes the human factor. Also, during the whole production process, quality control samples are taken, and the products are analyzed in their own laboratories. Among the reviews of HIPP food, it is almost impossible to find complaints about the quality, and the company strictly monitors its image as a German manufacturer.

HiPP products meet international quality standards, as well as the company’s own rather strict standards.

HIPP baby formula

The company has a wide range of products, and the most popular of them is the baby milk formula (bio-milk, hypoallergenic, anti-reflux, and milk with prebiotics).

The HIPP formula comes in several varieties. It is divided according to the baby’s age, and parents need to know more about it. The product should be chosen, taking into account the peculiarities of the baby. Ideally, don’t just read feedback from other parents, but get an experienced pediatrician’s recommendation about formula feeding. Learn more¬†here about the healthiest organic formula for your cutie little baby one.

HIPP special baby formula

HIPP special and hypoallergenic formulas contain less lactose, partially broken down protein instead of milk protein, and easily digestible fat instead of milk fat. This combination makes digestion easier. So, what is the special formula and? Does your little one really need it?

HIPP Comfort

The HIPP Comfort formula is designed for babies from birth. The substances in the product are absorbed by the baby’s body very well. The active ingredients positively affect the digestive process and help soften the stool, which is necessary to prevent constipation. Regarding the choice of such a composition, it is recommended to consult in advance with the pediatrician who supervises the child. Such HIPP infant formula belongs to the therapeutic category, and it is not advisable to use it on a regular basis, taking it as the main food.

HIPP Hypoallergenic

The HIPP hypoallergenic formula is available in 3 categories for different ages. Such a product for baby feeding contains all the necessary ingredients for the baby’s development, and at the same time, it does not overload the GI tract. The special protein is digested quickly and does not cause allergic reactions while ensuring the proper formation of muscle tissues.

Feeding a baby with hypoallergenic formula makes it much easier to introduce complementary foods and reduce the appearance of negative reactions to new products. As to whether or not this special formula is necessary, you should see your pediatrician. Not all babies need this light meal. If it is not necessary, it is not worth introducing it.

HIPP HA formula stages do not differ from a regular formula in preparation and storage.

The HIPP HA Pre formula is suitable for babies from birth. It is characterized by increased retention in the baby’s stomach, making it well suited for feeding infants with frequent regurgitation. In addition, the product is as filling as possible, so the gaps between feedings are longer. This makes it especially suitable for evening feedings.

HIPP Anti-reflux

The formula is intended for babies from birth. It is prescribed if the baby regurgitates frequently and abundantly at the end of the feeding. In such a situation, the baby needs special nutrition. According to reviews, this formula by HIPP, approved from birth, can completely solve the problem and ensure that the infant receives enough nutrients in the body.

The composition of this product is chosen in such a way that the child gets everything he or she needs without unnecessary irritation to the stomach. Usually, you don’t need to feed a special formula by the age of 3 months, as the baby’s digestive system starts to work properly.

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