Bangs are a stylish and classic hairstyle. They are around us for as long as we can remember. Because many women are still unsure whether to get Wigs with bangs or not. Not everyone will feel confident wearing bangs, and not everyone will want to cut most of their front hair.

With the invention and popularity of wigs today, we can now choose any hairstyle we want, without cutting, coloring or bleaching our own hair. So, there is a bang wig on the cards. However, wigs can be expensive, so you have to really want a wig to get one. This brings us to the question of should you get Wigs with bangs or no bangs?



If you are considering buying a man hair Wigs with bangs, you should consider the shape of your face. The shape of your face can greatly influence which hairstyle suits you. It’s important to note, however, that every face shape has a style of bangs to suit it. Therefore, you should know which bang style will complement your face shape.

  1. Round shaped face

If you have a round face, try side bangs. Side bangs can add dimension to your face. A round face shape also goes well with blunt bangs, as they visually lengthen the face and are perfect for those with round faces.

  1. Square/oblong shaped face

For those who have a square or oval face shape, the A-shaped bangs style will be your perfect bangs. A-shaped bangs with a soft layer will complement your angular facial features. An alternative to A-shaped bangs is long but layered bangs. Layered long bangs will accentuate the edges of your face and add extra charm.

  1. Long shaped face

The rule for getting the best bangs for a long face is to make sure that you avoid any style that will make your face appear longer. Instead of cropped short bangs, opt for larger bangs or side-sloping bangs.

  1. Oval shaped face

For an oval-shaped face, most bangs will suit you. However, soft blunt bangs and medium bangs are perfect for accentuating those soft features.

  1. Heart-shaped face

For a heart-shaped face, choose bangs that touch the midline of your foreheads like baby bangs or crescent bangs.


The same goes for getting a wig without bangs. It is important to understand your face shape as this will determine the best style to suit your face.

Generally, a wig without bangs is parted on the side or in the middle. For those with long faces, round faces, or square/oval faces, a side part wig is a better choice. For those with heart-shaped or oval faces, a wig with a center part will complete you.

In the end, choose the most suitable wig for you; with bangs or without bangs is best determined by the shape of your face. Therefore, to make the right choice, especially for those who are not clear about their face shape, make sure you visit a hair stylist or someone professional before buying any wig.

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