Premier League

Football is amongst the most played and most watched sport across the globe. Football fans are well-known for their loyalty that they express towards a particular football club. Once they establish a connection with a football club, it becomes almost possible for them to break that bond.

While watching premier league, football fans develop an emotional attachment with their club. No matter their team wins or loses, they are never happy to hear a word against their favorite club. It’s not about that particular club only; instead, the fans develop an attachment with that team’s players. That’s why they never think of betraying that club.

Which Premier League Team Should I Support?

Are you new to watching football? Do you want to support one particular premier league team? You might be finding difficulty in choosing your favorite premier league team. Worry no more. We are here to help you out. We will help you choose the best club that might be a good fit for you. You can also choose the team for betting here to get best profit.

For crazy football fans, the club they support defines them as a person. Choosing a particular football club is not easy. You have to be careful while choosing because it will not only define you as a person but will also help you make plenty of friends as well as plenty of enemies.

For example, if you choose to support Manchester United, you will be friends with all those who support Manchester United, but at the same time, you will draw the ire among those who support Liverpool or any other club.

If you are new to the premier league and want to take an interest in this year’s competition, then you don’t have to lie awake till night, stressing about which team you should support and which to go against.

9 Best Football Premier League Teams

In this article, we have listed the nine best premiere league teams along with their bio-data and helpful information that will help you identify which team you should support. So, go through the details and choose the best team as per your interests.

1.      Arsenal

Nickname: The Gunners

Arsenal supporters are also known as “Gooners.” They won their major trophy for the first time by lifting the 2014 FA Cup. They are well-known for their eagerness to criticize the team. Princes Charles and Alastair Campbell are supporters of Arsenal.

2.      Crystal Palace

Nickname: The Eagles

Crystal Palace fans are well-reputed for being loud. Surveys claim that they are the best fans in the Premier League. Their famous supporters include Ronnie Corbett and Eddie Izzard.

3.      Leicester City

Nickname: The Foxes

Leicester City fans are emotional. The reason for this that their team is known as the “yo-yo club” in the football world. Their famous supporters are Gary Lineker and Sam Bailey.

4.      Liverpool

Nickname: The Reds

Liverpool fans are known as the “Kopites.” Their fans have a sense of disproportionality. Their famous supporters include Samuel L. Jackson and Kim Cattrall.

5.      Manchester City

Nickname: The Citizens

Two common characteristics are commonly found in every Manchester city fan, i.e., enduring resolve and a black sense of humor. Their famous supporters are Noel Gallagher and L.S. Lowry Ricky Hatton.

6.      Manchester United

Nickname: The Red Devils

Most of the Manchester United fans are not from Manchester. Such fans are known as plastics and follow Manchester united just because of their success. Their famous supporters include Usain Bolt and Mick Hucknall.

7.      Newcastle United

Nickname: The Magpies

Newcastle United fans are known as the “Toon Army.” They are amongst the most loyal, passionate, and enthusiastic supporters in the country. Their famous supporters include Sting and Cheryl Cole.

8.      Swansea City

Nickname: The Swans

Being the only Welsh representatives in the Premier League, Swansea City fans are proud people. Their famous fans include Catherine Zeta-Jones and Ruth Madoc.

9.      West Ham United

Nickname: The Hammers

Never mess with a West Ham United fan because they have a history of hooliganism. One of their branches, “The Inner-City Firm,” was once amongst the most feared in the country and gave rise to first soccer “casuals” because they avoided police suspicion by not wearing football-related clothing. Their famous fans include Russel Brand and Alfred Hitchcock.


We hope this article helped explore some of the famous football premier league teams. If you are new to football, you can choose the best team from these and start supporting them. However, there are many other teams as well. You can explore them if any team from the above is not amongst your liking.

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