Which Star Wars Planet Could Make Your Best Home

From Darth Vader to Master Yoda and the Millennium Falcon to the Imperial Star Destroyer, the Star Wars adventure has given us an abundance of notorious characters and ships throughout the long term, however the universe far, far away has additionally moved fans to an extraordinary cluster of assorted universes all through the previous fifty years.

Regardless of whether it’s the twin sun-soaked, parched desert of Tatooine, the unforgiving frozen no man’s land of Hoth, the clamoring city-planet of Coruscant, or the CG-enlivened grandness of Naboo, these universes have filled in as the scenery for the absolute most critical scenes in the entirety of film. Luckily, through a recent interview by Betway, we have been able to get details on which of these planets would make the best home, collaborating with Star Wars master Matt Hudson – co-host of the Star Wars Sessions digital broadcast – to work out the upsides and downsides of the system’s greatest areas of interest.

That being said, a considerable lot of these planets have been attacked by many years of contention, and with frequently deceptive conditions – and surprisingly more regularly, misleading occupants – anybody hoping to relocate to the Star Wars cosmic system positively must get their work done.


While Bespin itself is an unfriendly gas goliath, the gliding gas mining settlement Cloud City – the site of the primary duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back – houses a populace of a few million, complete with lavish very good quality hotels, cloud vehicle visits, betting, and a lot of other fun social exercises.

MATT’S TAKE – “Everyone minds their own business and seems as though they simply live to work. It wouldn’t be the most energizing spot to live, I’d call it to a greater extent a retirement home. Rating – 7/10.”

Which Star Wars Planet Could Make Your Best Home


The capital of both the Old Republic and the Galactic Empire, Coruscant is an ecumenopolis – a monster world-spreading over a city including the whole planet. Extraordinary for anybody alright with large city living, however very restricted freedoms for end of the week splits from the entirety of the buzzing about.

MATT’S TAKE – “There’s more than 1000 levels to this city, and the further down you go, it resembles plummeting into Hell. In case you’re rich, you’re in karma. On the off chance that you’re not, it’s not the best spot to live. Rating – 6/10.”


On the off chance that Coruscant is excessively chaotic for your preferences and you’re more into country life, at that point the Forest Moon of Endor is unquestionably worth a look. Home to the Ewoks, Endor is for the most part a tranquil and loosening up place – when it’s not serving the site of the last fight between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire in Return of the Jedi, that is.

MATT’S TAKE – “In the event that you love a touch of nature, you’re experiencing the fantasy… The significant con is those Ewoks. The significant con is those Ewoks. They will kill you without blinking. They’re horrible easily overlooked details. Rating 8/10”


A fruitless, frozen no man’s land of a world, Hoth will be an extreme sell for any bequest specialist, except if their customer is a Rebel princess in urgent need of a distant, nearly unfriendly area to house a mysterious base, far away from according to the Empire.

MATT’S TAKE – “It’s an ice planet, it’s a virus. The solitary spot to live is a cavern, and the wampas, similar to the one that assaulted Luke Skywalker, are the summit hunter, so you’re as of now second on the natural way of life. Rating 1/10.”


In case you’re searching for a decent, (generally) tranquil area with beautiful scenes, plentiful natural life, and staggering engineering both above and beneath ocean, at that point yousa could doosa a ton more regrettable than Naboo, particularly in the event that you disdain sand (while sand is coarse and unpleasant and bothering and gets all over, everything on Naboo is delicate and smooth). Lamentably, the planet’s government officials don’t generally have Naboo’s wellbeing on the most fundamental level.

MATT’S TAKE – “It’s simply the home planet of Emperor Palpatine, so a couple of individuals may give it a disdainful look since it was the origin of the most malevolent man in the world. Yet, I think the look and energy of the spot totally eclipses that. Rating 10/10.”


The most acclaimed world in the whole Star Wars adventure, assuming there’s a splendid focus to the universe, Tatooine is the planet that it’s farthest from. A scantily populated, dry desert world occupied by all way of filth and villainy, Tatooine isn’t to be voyaged daintily. In any case, there will never be a dull second on this Outer Rim world, and the odds of being whisked away to prepare as a Jedi or set out on some universe saving experience are better than expected.

MATT’S TAKE – “You must have extreme skin, both in a real sense and metaphorically, to withstand the climate and furthermore local people. However, on the off chance that you can get your head down and buckle down it’s a legit living. Rating 5/10.”


A quiet planet without any weapons, Alderaan is a lavish and charming area, referred to all through the Star Wars world as “the planet of excellence”. The solitary drawback truly is the decision of the Royal Family, who are firmly against the Galactic Empire and covertly attempting to topple the Emperor. Make certain to take out a lot of property protection, and successive off-world occasions.

MATT’S TAKE – “Alderaan was viewed as the most excellent, alluring planet in the world. It’s the kind of spot that everyone would need to live. Be that as it may, it exploded. Rating: 10/10 (pre-blast), 0/10 (post-blast).”


A once delectable and abundant world before an adjustment of circle warmed its center, Mustafar is a seething, magma covered volcanic hellscape which – to exacerbate the situation – likewise ends up lodging not just the base camp of the Black Sun criminal organization, yet additionally the home of the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader. Maybe Hoth isn’t so awful all things considered…

MATT’S TAKE – “It’s overall quite hot, and you’d have the spot to yourself. Be that as it may, Darth Vader’s palace’s there, and if he’s there also, you’re dead. Rating 0/10.”


A far off, fog covered planet covered with timberlands, bogs and lowlands, Dagobah is without cutting edge, clever life, and thus makes for an astounding area for anybody hoping to escape their past and keep out of sight. It’s likewise extraordinarily solid with the Force, yet inclined to flooding, especially during wet season.

MATT’S TAKE – “To me it’d resemble going to the Amazon – you know the dangers when you go there. Would you live in the Amazon? No, yet I’d unquestionably visit. Rating 6/10.”


A wilderness planet for certain dazzling perspectives, tropical seas, coral reefs and brilliant sea shores, the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk appears to be an ideal spot to set up home, in spite of the fact that its essential significance implies the planet is an objective at whatever point Galactic War breaks out. Bigfoot trackers will be in their component, nonetheless.

MATT’S TAKE – “On the off chance that you can get on the Wookiees’ acceptable side, I figure Kashyyyk could be really cool to live on. On the off chance that you get on their awful side, you have a whole planet of 8ft tall, bushy destroying machines that will destroy you. Rating 7/10.”

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