Online Gambling Websites – Do They Actually Offer Real Monetary Funds?

The US has had a long history of gambling, with games such as slots and poker being invented in the country. However, many states across the US have been against gambling, with casinos and sports betting largely banned. Despite this, tribal casinos and certain areas such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City held onto their rights to offer legal gambling and became havens for gamblers over the years.

In today’s world, gambling is easier than ever, thanks to online casinos and sports betting platforms. The existence of offshore online gambling sites has meant that people in the US can still easily gamble, despite it not being legal. Over time, governments have realized how much potential tax money is being lost to offshore sites and enacted new laws to regulate and control the gambling industry.

In 2022, there are more states in the US that allow some form of gambling than ever before, and the number is growing each day. 2018 saw the Supreme Court overturn the federal law that had prevented legal sports betting. Since then, states have been free to regulate sports betting, and many have also looked to make online casinos legal too. In total, there are 48 states with legal gambling in 2022. Here are some of the main ones:


Gambling is permitted in Massachusetts at legal casinos and racetracks. This is about it, though, and online gambling in Massachusetts is still illegal. This might change in the future, especially in relation to sports betting.

West Virginia

West Virginia is a gambling-friendly state with a wide range of real money gaming alternatives for residents. Commercial casinos are available in the Mountain State, and online gambling is also permitted.

New Jersey

The Garden State was one of the first to legalize sports betting and was instrumental in the legal battle to overturn the federal law against it. NJ also offers land-based casinos in Atlantic City and offers online casinos and sports betting too.


For a long time, Nevada was one of the few states in the US where sports betting was legal. Aside from this, it also has a fully legal and regulated casino industry, although online casinos aren’t currently permitted.


Michigan has a state-run lottery and also allows pari-mutuel horse racing and charitable gambling like bingo. All types of online gambling, including online casinos and sportsbooks, were made legal in Michigan in 2020, and the state is now an excellent place for gamblers.


Colorado offers casino gaming at tribal casinos on tribal land but has laws against online casinos and poker. In 2019, the state voted to allow sports betting, which includes online and in-person betting.


Pennsylvania legalized land-based casinos in 2004, allowing several casinos and racinos to set up. Since then, thirteen casinos have been established in PA. The state recently legalized online gambling, too, allowing sportsbooks and online casinos to launch.


Tennessee is an unusual case in that it has strict laws against in-person betting but has legalized online gambling. Right now, TN residents can bet at legal online sportsbooks. There are no plans to allow casinos or retail sportsbooks at the moment, however.


Illinois allows land-based casinos as well as racetracks and has recently legalized sports betting too. The new Illinois sports betting law authorizes statewide retail and online sports betting at Illinois casinos, racetracks, off-track betting parlors, and professional sports facilities.

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