Which VPN To Choose To Make Your Netflix Streaming Experience Smooth

Do you want to improve our Netflix streaming experience and access different regional libraries? Since you are here, it means your answer is yes.

A VPN allows you to bypass geo-restrictions imposed by Netflix so you can watch your favorite movies and shows that aren’t available in your regional Netflix library. For instance, you can use ExpressVPN and check its detailed guide for assistance to unblock the UK or USA Netflix.

Selecting VPN to Improve Your Netflix Streaming Experience

We all know that the multimedia content on Netflix libraries differs from one region to another. Unfortunately, because of the licensing issues by different production companies, it doesn’t allow Netflix to stream some content in different regions.

In simple words, if you live in Singapore, you’ll be able to access the Singapore Netflix library only. Furthermore, you won’t access the UK, USA, or any other library even if you change the extension.

It’s because Netflix identifies you from your IP address and redirects you to the respective regional library. This way, Netflix successfully imposes geo-restrictions on its streaming content.

However, using a VPN service masks your actual IP address, thus hiding your online identity. This way, the VPN allows you to bypass the Netflix geo-restrictions while giving you access to other Netflix libraries.

How to Choose a VPN to Access Netflix Libraries?

Netflix uses different algorithms to detect a VPN connection and blacklists those IP addresses for good. Not only that but Netflix also blocks the user account using a VPN connection.

Netflix has blocked all the free VPN services that bypassed the Netflix geo-restrictions. It means you need to be careful while using a VPN service.

It’s recommended to opt for a reliable VPN service that ensures your online privacy and security and bypasses the Netflix geo-restrictions.

The VPN service should ensure complete anonymity while blocking the majority of the Netflix regional libraries. Furthermore, it should assign you a dedicated password instead of a shared one, so Netflix doesn’t identify your VPN connection.

Other features to consider while selecting a VPN to enhance your Netflix viewing experience include:


It’s frustrating to see a circling buffering sign while streaming your favorite movies. That’s why a reliable VPN service offers you high-speed connectivity without any bandwidth throttling.

A majority of the internet Service providers throttle the available bandwidth and distribute it among the users in your vicinity.

Conversely, a VPN service should offer you a consistent speed so you can watch different shows without any latency or lag.

Multiple Device Connection

A good VPN service allows you to connect different smart devices simultaneously. This way, you and your family can watch their respective Netflix shows on their laptops, Smart TVs, mobile phones, and tablets.

Many reliable and paid VPN services offer different subscription plans, offering three or more simultaneous users. This way, you can subscribe to a VPN plan that matches your requirements.

Security and Protection

It’s recommended to use a VPN service with a no-log policy. It means the VPN services shouldn’t record or keep a record of your online activities.

Furthermore, a VPN should include a kill switch to automatically disconnect the VPN connection in case your wireless connection drops or fluctuates.

Different Servers

What if you want to access the American Netflix library, but the USA server isn’t available in the VPN server list? It’s a bummer. That’s why you should ensure that the VPN service offers you various server locations to access different Netflix regional libraries.


You should be able to contact the customer support center via email, call, or message if you encounter an issue while connecting to a VPN server.

How Does VPN Unblock Netflix?

A VPN offers you a list of servers located in different locations. First, you need to download the VPN software and subscribe to a plan. After successful payment, you need to create your account and input your email and password.

Once you log in to the VPN software, you’ll see a list of servers. Next, you need to select the server location whose Netflix library you want to access. For instance, you need to select the USA server if you want to unblock American Netflix. Similarly, you need to select the respective server to access other regions’ Netflix libraries.

The VPN works on the principle of creating a secure tunnel between you and the webserver. After establishing a successful connection to the server, you must log in to your Netflix account.

This time, Netflix thinks you are located in the US and automatically redirects you to American Netflix.


Streaming services, such as Netflix, have indeed revolutionized the present entertainment industry. Whether you want to watch comedy, thrill, suspense, or horror shows, Netflix offers unlimited genres for everyone.

Using a VPN undoubtedly elevates your Netflix viewing experience by allowing you to bypass the Netflix proxy.

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