Why Accessibility Testing is Important?

Every product that is released into the market should be use-able by every individual, so accessibility testing is essential. If the new technology that is released can cater to people with disabilities, then it can inspire their lives in unimaginable ways. Accessibility testing ensures that web content can reach anyone without any obstacles.

Need for Accessibility Testing

The need for accessibility is essential so that product innovations can also be delivered to people with special needs. Special technologies are implemented for these products. The special products include screen readers, special keyboards, screen magnification software, and speech recognition software.

Some of the innovative websites, products, and applications are not accessible and user-friendly for everyone. The accessibility test focuses on usability verification and also makes sure that the application is configured to be used by people with disabilities, including physical, language, visual, neurological, speech auditory, and cognitive disabilities.

How to perform Accessibility Testing?

Accessibility testing of an application, a website, or a product involves an immense examination of single pages and testing single functions like online form submissions and product searches. Accessibility can be achieved using both automated and manual testing of particular elements of digital technology.

Accessibility Testing Guidelines

The standards of accessibility are WCAG 1.0/WCAG 2.0, Section 508 & Stanca Act, BITV 1.0, and W3C’s. WCAG 2.0 is accepted worldwide. These standards provide standards and details on how to make an application or a website accessible. The primary principles of WCAG 2.0 are reliable interpretation and robust content, operable user navigation and interface, perceivable information and user interface, and understandable information and user interface.

Importance of Website Accessibility Testing

Some of the importance of website accessibility testing include:

Enhancing Brand Image

This method of accessibility eases the understanding of websites and helps increase the user approach. It also ensures positive effects on the websites and helps the brand image.

Increasing the Market Share and Website Usage

Practicing methods of web accessibility ensure an effective increase in traffic and make it easier for people with disabilities to access websites.

Making the Website Accessible for the Society

Executing the accessibility test helps the application to provide an equal number of opportunities and be accessible for people with disabilities. Accessing websites despite disabilities will make an active participating society.

Avoid Legal Implications

Accessibility testing should be done on any website to ensure they meet legal compliance. Most countries require websites to meet a certain level of requirements before going live.

Growth in Business

Having your website accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, could see potential business growth.

According to AudioEye, ‘We have the peace of mind that our digital properties are accessible to everyone in the community, and to a standard that goes far beyond the minimum requirements of Title II and Section 508.’ You can use the accessibility checker, which will scan any website and give the accessibility score.

Accessibility tests should be a regular part of the software testing process. Implementing the needed checks early can help improve the experience of using a website or an application. Good user experience is directly proportional to good accessibility.

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