Why Are Multivitamins So Important After Weight Loss Surgery?

When it comes to getting bariatric surgery, there are a lot of significant changes that your body will undergo. For instance, the way that your body absorbs nutrients may change. In particular, nutrients from food may not be readily absorbed and incorporated by your body as they were prior to surgery. As a result, your overall health may suffer. Because of the potential health drawbacks that follow surgery, it is a good idea to consider supplementing your post-surgery diet with multivitamins capsules. In the following, I will share some of the possible post-surgery health issues that taking a multivitamin can help to combat.

Blood and Immune System Health

Stomach acid is very important since it helps to absorb key nutrients from food, including B12, iron and calcium. Each of these nutrients is key in maintaining good blood health, and without sufficient amounts of them, it is possible that you will develop anaemia­—a condition in which your red blood cell count is lowered, resulting in an inability to carry enough oxygen to your body’s tissues.

In severe cases, untreated anaemia can lead to heart problems, severe fatigue, and overall poor cognition. This is why it is essential to ensure that your body is producing enough healthy red blood cells.

Bone Density

A striking fact is that even before surgery, up to 90% of people are deficient in vitamin D. On top of that, surgery often affects the body’s ability to absorb vitamin D, as well as vitamin K and calcium, all of which are essential for promoting bone health. As a result, surgery can severely affect the overall health of your bones.

If your bone density is low, then you may be at higher risk of fractures, falls, and broken bones. Therefore it is important that you take care of your bone health, particularly after surgery, where your bone health may be affected due to the lack of healthy levels of minerals in your bones. You can also visit Tonic Weight Loss Experts in this regard.

Note, however, that it is important to exercise caution when taking calcium supplements after surgery, as it has been shown that taking frequent small doses of calcium citrate (not carbonate) is more effective than taking less frequent large doses. If you are concerned about your calcium levels after surgery and would like to take supplements, make sure to talk to your doctor about what the healthiest and safest course of action is.

Nervous System and Brain

No one will doubt the vital importance that the nervous system and brain play in overall health. These, too, can be affected by surgery, which is why it is crucial that you combat that possibility by ensuring that you have sufficient levels of B12, B1, D, E, folate, and copper. Fortunately, this is easily achievable with the proper supplementation.

In the long term, vitamin B1 deficiency can cause irreversible paralysis or permanent impairment in brain function. Therefore it is essential to be cautious of this, and supplement your diet with vitamin B1 as well as other vitamins when necessary, particularly if you are experiencing frequent vomiting or prolonged periods where you are having difficulty getting enough food each day.

Muscle Tissue

A common problem after surgery is severe weight loss. A result of severe weight loss is that your body may lose lean muscle tissue, which affects your body’s capacity to burn calories and remain healthy.

Another effect of severe weight loss is that your body may begin to feed off of its own muscle tissue, which is what happens when you are starving. It is important to prevent this from happening by consuming enough calories. In particular, ensuring a high intake of protein is essential.


It is very important to take care of your body’s health, especially after bariatric surgery. While eating healthy and exercising are important steps to ensure a speedy recovery, they may not be enough to give your body everything it needs. In particular, your body may not be able to absorb the nutrients that it needs to thrive. However, these problems are easily solvable with the aid of multivitamins capsules.

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