Why Certain Brands Succeed Best Online

There are some brands that seem to know how to stay ahead of the competition. They have products and services that the marketplace perceives as being of a higher value, we see their stores everywhere, and there’s a familiarity about them that provides either comfort or status. Generally, they’re big, multinational brands that have identified what makes them profitable and that have refined their brand identity.

Of course, today’s brands are experts in branding themselves online, as well as offline. But what is it that these brands do online so much better than the rest?

They Do What Gaming Brands Do

Clearly, some industries are better than others. Gaming brands are performing very well indeed, for example, when it comes to attracting fans online. One reason for this is that they aren’t afraid to think outside the box.

Examples of this from the most well-known brands are leveraging online influencers and offering merchandise online, going beyond their core product. Rewards are another great tactic. You see this in the online casino industry, with casinos like Dreamz awarding bonuses for reaching certain levels. Gaming brands are also big on engagement, knowing that it isn’t just about engaging with prospects, but also with existing customers.


It’s crucial for a brand to ensure its marketing remains consistent. It helps to achieve brand recognition, which leads to customer loyalty. Coca-Cola demonstrates this strategy online superbly. You’ll see that consistency when looking at their home page and social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter. The brand’s marketing on social media is intertwined seamlessly, ensuring the messages enhance their brand.

When a brand’s marketing is consistent, there’s no confusion over the message being conveyed. There’s just one message, which is always on point. Customers enjoy interacting with, and buying from, brands they’re familiar with. Consistent marketing helps to achieve this, and the brand is rewarded in turn.

Staying Ahead of the Game

Online brands that aren’t afraid of the competition and are the first ones to innovate have a higher chance of success than others. They may even be years ahead of their competitors in terms of ideas. Netflix saw the future was in streaming, and it became an online juggernaut in the streaming space. Blockbuster, on the other hand, was late to the party, and had no chance to catch up with Netflix.

The big brands can see what changes are occurring in the market and generate new ideas to adapt to whatever they’re selling and remain ahead of their competitors. Another great example of this is Amazon Prime Air. The brand fulfils its online orders by using drones, something that its competitors will likely copy in the future.

A Great Experience

It’s important that brands understand the importance of customer loyalty. If they do, they can ensure that a customer only buys from them. The brand experience can help to earn this. One company that does this extremely well online is Apple. These slick online ads make Internet users want to visit their stores, where excellent customer service awaits.

The positive association that this experience creates between the customer and the brand keeps them coming back. The higher price tag doesn’t come into it. In the eyes of the customer, a positive experience is more important than the cost.

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