Many reasons contribute to car owners considering enclosed hauling their autos even though the cost is incredibly higher compared to open-air transport. Regardless of the distance, an expensive luxury car or a classic, antique, or rare auto would be safer and better protected. 

With an open-air carrier, vehicles are exposed to the outside elements. This can include road debris flying up into the trailer, pests or bird droppings, weather conditions, possible vandalism, and potential loss.

The enclosed transport offers a floor, ceiling walls, and a door to secure the vehicles from any threat. Because of the considerable upfront price, typically, cars that are considered “daily drivers” travel via the open-air transport. These are secured in place with minimal likelihood of damage, but the risk is there. 

When Should You Choose Enclosed Auto Transport Services 

If you’re shipping your car across the country, the vehicle will go through many weather situations, some not ideal. A priority when choosing auto transport is protecting the vehicle until it reaches the new location. If it’s expected that the conditions will be harsh along the way, the investment in an enclosed auto transport would be warranted.

With the potential for dust storms, heavy rains, snow, and ice, you want to avoid threats of road debris flying up and scratching the car, hail, or the potential for paint chipping along the way.

While these instances are rare with a reputable car shipping service, and most compensate for any damage incurred in transit, some car owners prefer to prevent the likelihood from the start by cautiously using the enclosed carriers.  

Learn details on enclosed auto transport at and follow here for some factors to consider before deciding whether this is the right transport method for you. 

  • Reduced threat of vandalism  

With an enclosed carrier, it’s not apparent that vehicles are the load being hauled that reduces the chance of vandalism, theft, or loss. Incidents have been known to occur though rarely with open-air carriers if the driver is on break or resting for the night. 

Auto transport terminals have also been vulnerable to theft and vandalism, another reason using door-to-door services has grown considerably popular in the car shipping service industry. 

While the upfront costs for these services are higher, the peace of mind they offer, the added protection, and the reduced threat from theft and vandalism are more valuable in the end. 

  • Expedited shipping service with an enclosed carrier 

Some auto transport companies offer express or priority shipping services where cars are moved ahead of vehicles using standard services.  

These receive optimum protection with expedited shipment, including enclosed hauling, but the price point is much higher based on the shipping service and the route. Not all carriers offer priority services or only do so during specific times, like during the holiday season.  

Planning and preparing your auto transport is essential to ensure express shipping is necessary with your circumstances. Check with the carrier to find out what features are included in their priority packages.  

While it might cost more, getting your vehicle on a specified date, faster is sometimes critical especially if you have a sudden, unexpected move and need your auto. 

  • Insurance coverage 

The insurance coverage with the enclosed transport services can be better when shipping a valuable car using these services, a greater level of protection.  

Reviewing the insurance coverage with the carrier is a must regardless of the transport method before the auto is picked up for transport.  

It’s difficult to review the plans when you’re using door-to-door coverage as the driver brings the contract leaving little time to review plus address questions and concerns.  

The recommendation when planning car shipping is to contact the carrier well ahead of departure to have the contract emailed for your review so you can contact the carrier and go over questions and concerns. That’s the ideal way to go over the insurance coverage. 

Loading vehicles onto an enclosed hauler is often done using soft straps, considered safer than chains used with the open-air carrier. Chains increase the risk, though rare, of possible damage. 

Final Thought 

Open-air transport is a secure method for car shipment with many car manufacturers and dealerships using the option for their new inventory to complete satisfaction. Many private car owners use it for their standard driving vehicles.  

When opting for the enclosed trailer, car owners do so for the added peace of mind if they have a luxury or classic auto.  

It gives an added layer of protection and ensures these autos will reach their final destinations safely and securely. 

Research all the options before committing to one transport method considering your specific circumstances and what’s most important for the safe delivery of your car. That might include enclosed transport, or you could be satisfied with an open-air one.

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