Cleaning your face can feel like a chore at the end of a tiring day. But, it’s an essential part of your skincare routine nevertheless. A lot of still need convincing about the benefits of washing their face regularly.

But, the same people won’t hesitate to spend hundreds of dollars on skincare every year. It’s much cheaper and easier to follow a simple skincare routine instead. It helps if you invest in good skincare brands.

If you don’t want to do so, investing in drugstore brands can work too. What’s important is following a strict skincare regimen. Here we’ll discuss a few reasons why cleaning your face is essential for your skin.

It Cleans Your Pores

The main reason why washing your face is important is that it cleans your pores. Deep pore cleansers are available everywhere these days that have various benefits. These cleaners are great for all types of skin.

Deep pore cleansers are great for oily and combination skin types. But, this doesn’t mean they can’t be included in skincare for dry skin. There are products available these days that have moisturizing ingredients in them.

These products can cleanse your skin without drying it out. Cleaning your pores using a pore cleanser can prevent the formation of blackheads. Excess oil and dirt build-up on your face can cause these unsightly spots to occur.

Those who have dealt with blackheads would know how difficult it is to get rid of them. People often end up irritating their skin while trying to squeeze out blackheads. This is especially true for those with sensitive skin.

Cleaning pores with cleanser will save you the trouble of extracting blackheads. This is because the pore cleanser will open your pores making it easy for dirt and blackheads to escape.

Steaming your face or taking a hot shower will achieve the same results. That’s why it’s a good idea to steam your face for a few minutes before you use a cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to use a cleanser that’s gentle and non-abrasive.

A good deep pore cleanser will exfoliate your skin as it cleanses it. Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells and makes your skin appear rejuvenated.

It Provides Hydration

People often assume that washing their faces often can strip them of moisture. While some face cleansers contain drying agents, this isn’t true for all cleansers. If you have dry skin, you would need to avoid certain types of ingredients in cleansers.

For instance, using products with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) will cause the skin on your face to dry. You’ll often find IPA  in cheaper face cleansers. This ingredient also causes irritation and inflammation of the skin in the long run. So, it’s not advisable to use it if you have sensitive skin.

Benzoyl alcohol isn’t great for the skin either as it erodes around 10 percent of the hydration in your skin. Using products that contain this ingredient can leave our skin feeling dry and tight. You would then need to pair it with a thick moisturizer to protect your skin.

But, that doesn’t mean that all kinds of alcohol are bad for your skin. Some types of alcohol have great benefits for your skin. For instance, Stearyl and Cetearyl are fatty alcohols that are used in moisturizers. They act as thickening agents so they add moisture to your skin.

They’re also useful in helping your skin absorb retinol and vitamin C which are great for your skin.

Cleansing Your Face Prevents Acne

Acne is currently the most common skin condition affecting individuals in the US. Over 40 million people find themselves dealing with acne each year. Often, acne affects those between the ages of 12 and 24. So, if you belong to this age group, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to acne. You will want to avoid the need for acne scar treatments later on.

Acne is caused by the clogging of hair follicles in your skin. Sebum is a natural lubricant that’s meant to keep your skin moisturized. But, when your skin produces too much sebum and clogs your pores, it causes acne.

So, washing your face with a gentle facial cleanser can keep excess sebum buildup at bay. If you wash your face often and stop suddenly, it can cause acne to resurface. It’s also possible that your skin would appear inflamed and irritated if you don’t wash often.

If you spend time out often, it’s more likely than not that dirt and other pollutants will settle on your face. Not washing your face may cause itchiness which will prompt you to scratch your face often. This in turn could cause skin breakage.

Skin breakage will make infection probable which will be difficult to deal with. Buying over-the-counter skin creams to deal with the infection can be costly in the long run. Also, an infection can cause scarring that might take months to fade.

In such a scenario, it’s easy to see why simply washing your face often is a better solution.

Additional Benefits of Face Cleansing

There are some benefits of cleansing your face other than those discussed above. These benefits are:

  • Face cleansing allows products for mature skin to work better. This is because a clean face is a better canvas to absorb retinol and other facial serums. The same goes for anti-aging moisturizers.
  • There are facial cleansers available for all kinds of skin types. You’ll find cleansers for oily skin and combination skin. You’ll find cleansers even for those with extremely dry skin on their face.
  • Deep pore cleansers help you maintain your pores perfectly and congestion free. This way, you don’t invite excess sebum and dirt into your pores.
  • Cleaning your face often provides your skin with the right amount of hydration. It’s even better if you pair your cleanser with a good-quality moisturizer.


Cleaning your face often is easy enough to incorporate into your daily routine. It takes only a few seconds but can make a world of difference to your face. Don’t hesitate to use cleansers even if you have dry skin on your face.

There are deep pore cleansers with moisturizing agents that can clean your face. They can also help you keep moisture locked in. But, make sure you choose a cleanser with gentle ingredients that don’t dry out or irritate your skin.

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