Why Data Archiving Is Crucial For Your Startup? 5 Reasons!

Businesses – whether big or small – produce a considerably huge amount of data every day. While some of the data is for one-time usage only, there are certain data that are sensitive and are used repeatedly. Now, the data which is not used repeatedly cannot be dumped just like that.

So, it becomes relevantly important on the part of the business to take proper care of such data as well. It has to make sure that none of that data is misused or lost. That is when data archiving comes into play. It’s the process of identifying such data which is no longer used on a day-to-day basis so that arrangements can be made for storing them in larger storage spaces.

As per a recent survey, it was found that almost 70% of a business’s data are potentially archivable. This means, data archiving is relevant to a great extent. But why is it so exclusively crucial for a startup? Let’s check it out:

  1. Data loss? Sounds like Greek!

When dealing with such huge volumes of data every day, it is only possible for a business to lose track of some data. And the real problem arises when the data which is lost turns out to be crucial in nature. That is why businesses rely on data archiving to safeguard themselves from the possibility of data loss.

The drill is pretty simple – when you archive or store the data which is not used daily, it clears up the huge storage space of your device. Besides, the lesser the amount of data, the lesser the chances of losing data which might be of huge significance for startups. It not only helps them get a clear track of their data but also ensures none of it is lost.

  1. Backup costs are deftly toppled

Data archive and backups are usually expressed in the same connotations, but they are wholly different from each other. While data backup is performed for quick recovery of data, data archiving is done to store those data which are no longer used on a day-to-day basis.

But another factor that largely differentiates backup and archive is the cost factor. Backups cost you much while archiving data does not – and trust us, no startup would want to pay more for a thing that can be done at cheap.

  1. The system performance is enhanced a lot

This is no news that with the upsurge in the implementation of ideas like digitalization, there is less paperwork and more computer work. This causes the device to lag and work at a slower pace.

Data archiving ensures the overall performance of the system is enhanced by reducing the amount of data stored in it. By removing the unused data and storing it in a different place, it improves the performance of the main system to a large extent. Hence, a boon for startups!

  1. Security is enhanced to another level

This goes without saying – the more secured a startups’ data, the better the level of overall security of the business and its clients. When a startup archives the data, it’s putting itself in a safer zone in terms of security. Like said earlier, every startup deals with some amount of confidential data which requires an apt level of security.

Data archiving helps in this by archiving a website, moving unused and obsolete data into other storage devices, and keeping an eye on them constantly, hence ensuring top-notch security of data.

  1. Lastly, here are some legal significance

Just in case you are not aware already – data archiving is necessary for certain legal requirements as well. Many times, legal obligations of some sort make it necessary for a startup to retrieve historical data. Now, imagine the situation of a business that does not possess old data because they never spared data archiving a thought!

On the other hand, the business that has all its past data safely archived in someplace is in a much better position. In fact, data archiving is so important that it has been made legally compulsory for certain businesses, failing which they will have to face various repercussions. This is yet another significance of data archiving for startups.

Over to you…

Data archiving is a modern-day requirement for startups. In this era, where everything has come online, it becomes important for them to take proper measures to secure their data.

Here, we listed some reasons why data archiving is crucial for a startup. There are various other benefits that a startup enjoys by deploying a data archiving system. This guide will definitely help you unveil them.

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