Why Elijah Norton for Congress Is A Good Move for Arizona Voters

There comes a time when every politician’s constituency has to decide whether their elected representative is turning into a career politician or maintaining their duty as an elected official who still serves the public interest.

 Elijah Norton has stepped into the arena to challenge Rep. David Schweikert for the right to serve the interests of the 6th congressional district of Arizona. From a bystander’s point of view, it makes little sense for a newbie like Norton to challenge a veteran congressman seeking a seventh term.

This is especially true, considering most of Schweikert’s voting credentials align with Elijah Norton’s conservative position. However, in 2020, Rep. David Schweikert was forced into a settlement agreement after a lengthy investigation into ethics violations.

To be more precise, Schweikert was reprimanded by the House Ethics Committee for abusing the trust of American taxpayers and misusing official funds through campaign finance violations. He was ultimately fined $50,000 for violations that Schweikert readily admitted to.

According to the Committee’s report, “Representative Schweikert did not act in a manner that reflected creditably on the House.” For a more comprehensive look into Rep. Schweikert’s role, check out the Committee’s full report here.

Why Elijah Norton Is Running Now

Of course, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Elijah Norton represents Newton’s Third Law of Motion in political comeuppance.

As the American people grow tired of the blatant disregard for the rule of law and the personal enrichment that enshrines the hallowed halls of Congress, Elijah Norton represents the youth and vigor of a movement that categorically redefines the role of a representative of the people.

We say “redefine,” but it’s the traditional and dutiful role of a representative to serve the people’s interests rather than that of themselves. Elijah Norton has decided to run against Rep. David Schweikert because he believes in the integrity and meaning of that duty.

“But people are looking for people to represent them honestly in Congress and are in Congress for the right reasons. They’re there to represent the people, there to serve the people. David is there to serve himself,” Norton said.

His statement embodies the ideals of our Republic. Our second president, John Adams, hated traveling to Congress to do his duty. He had to leave his family and life behind for every session that was called. His business dealings were placed on hold for the very meager wages of a congressman in those days.

The point was, it was a duty and a privilege to serve, and those ideals are long buried under the elite boots of career politicians. The entire idea behind Elijah Norton’s campaign is that people are looking for honesty and service in their representatives.

Elijah Norton is a successful businessman, and he brings a level of youth and vigor that is often lost in the old slog of politics in the capital.

While his campaign is predicated on the conservative ideals of our Republic, the driving force behind it is the perversion of the body politic by misappropriation of funds, personal enrichment, lack of honesty, shady business dealings, and tax-dollar waste.

As the founder and president of Veritas Global Protection—an extended warranty and vehicle service contracts company—Elijah Norton brings successful business acumen to Arizona voters.

 From a business perspective, Norton knows the ins and outs of micro and macroeconomics and will work tirelessly to promote the economic welfare of Arizonians. Norton supports the corporate tax cuts initiated by the Trump Administration that boosted economic growth and made America an attractive place to set up shop for new businesses.

 He believes that burdensome corporate tax rates drive businesses to outsource, raise the prices of their products, and stagnate employee wages.

 Like so many other Americans, he is tired of the business-as-usual dealings with our border and is ready to fight back against the Biden Administration’s lackadaisical response to the invasion happening every day on our borders.

Elijah Norton also believes that China is the foremost and most vital enemy of our time and understands that it cannot be handled with weak foreign policy political talking points.

 Most importantly, Elijah Norton represents the new and growing anti-corruption conservatives that the Republican party so desperately needs, even as the careerists fight against it tooth and nail.

 Elijah Norton is the best move for Arizona voters because he works to fight against the lack of ethical restraint we so often find in our elected officials and bring back the sense of duty that the men and women in Congress have so easily forgotten.

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