Why Every Family Should Say Yes to Yes Day and How to Pull It Off 

We all used to be fun and spontaneous. It’s not that we can’t be those things after we become parents, but they morph into “flexible” and “responsible, which really aren’t the same at all when you’re faced with the daily errands of parenting. Although it falls into our duty to say “no,” and we do it for their own good time after time, it gets old. 

The truth is that once in a very little while, we all, parents included, need a break from the constant- yet the well-intentioned- stream of “no” that starts before breakfast and lasts into the hours after bedtime. 

If you’re tired of saying “No” all the time and looking for a day to unwind from all the hassle and spend quality time and reconnect with your kids, then Yes Day is definitely something you want to try. 

What is Yes Day? 

Yes Day is exactly what it sounds like… a day where you approve everything your kids ask for (within reason, of course). 

The idea came from a book written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, but which was recently popularized by mom and celeb Jennifer Garner, who revealed that she’d just celebrated a Yes Day with her three kids. 

Jennifer decided to go an entire day without declining her kid’s requests, and by the end of it, with all the yes-around, she was really exhausted. 

This trend, however, serves as a great keepsake that rules remain imperative when caring for children, even on fun days.  

With just a few simple rules and bombs of enthusiasm, you can let your kids decide what happens for a day. Yet, it’s recommended to keep this as a very special and rare occasion, like once a year before school starts after a break.

Yes Day Rule: Don’t Talk About Yes Day 

Kids don’t need to know when it’s coming, but only that it happens once per calendar year. When that day comes, you just have to say Yes, to their morning requests. The whole idea is to do things you don’t normally do with your family and have some fun while doing it. 

The best part is that you can create your own version of Yes Day with your family that won’t break the bank and will provide the most laughs and joys for everyone involved.

The bigger the family, the greater the options. Everyone, including parents, has the opportunity to choose an activity they’d like to wish everyone, and this can be entertaining.  

Time to Think Like a Kid Again 

One of the advantages of a well-thought  Yes Day challenge is that for those hours, beautiful hours spent together, you forget the hassle that’s going on in your life, which is a great way of warding off any worries you may have weighing on your shoulders. As a parent, you know first-hand the stress that comes with raising children at home. 

You feel the stress build up on a daily basis, and you only take a sigh of relief when bedtime comes, only to repeat it the next day. 

However, this challenge gives you the opportunity to enjoy those moments together. After all, isn’t that what matters when raising children? Now it’s a perfect time to become interested in their passion and test your inner child. 

You can dig out those games from your childhood, wear themed clothes, or why not Canada sleepwear with funny designs while playing a multiplayer video game you never said yes to before. Rules? Of course, there are several rules that you might like to consider: 

  • Agree on budget and date 
  • Decide how far you’re willing to drive on the Day. 
  • Requests are not allowed to be dangerous or illegal. 
  • Yes Day isn’t about purchasing items, i.e., children can’t ask parents to buy them techy devices or pets. The challenge is all about experiences instead. 
  • The entire family has to be able to participate in the activity. 
  • Everyone should follow the same rules.
  • The challenge should be earned. If everyone has had a great attitude and has done their chores, then you can agree on Yes Day. 
  • Don’t tell others that you’re having a Yes Day – this makes it even more enjoyable.
  • Make a plan. Decide how many things you will do in a day. The chance is, it might depend on requests so each kid can have a few ideas, and then you decide as a family who requests you will carry out, ensuring that everyone gets their request met. 
  • Families have to work together to clean up if the Yes Day ends up in a mess. 

If you rather enjoy a spontaneous Yes Day, it might still be helpful to plan out and arrange any rushed things the Day before, to give more time & freedom to enjoy the Day. 

For instance, it pays to let your relatives know you won’t be available on the phone all day or calling for a pet sitter if you’re spending the night elsewhere. 

Saying Yes when it’s both appropriate and safe to do so can open us up to new challenges and opportunities, allows for empowerment, collaboration, affirm our individuality, support an environment where it’s OK to fail and try, and lastly, make life more fun. 

What to Expect on Yes Day? 

Like all things in life, too much of a good thing can be too much at times. When you break the rules, there’s a great chance of something going wrong. 

The idea of this challenge is to help families reconnect and have a great time together. Sharing experiences and memories don’t have to get dangerous. 

If you’re planning a Yes Day with your family, then consider taking it easy and going with just a simple family day in the park. A Yes Day should be exciting therefore, you don’t need to jump right in with a Yes Day for Kids. The idea is to spend more time together and share beautiful experiences. The more you do this, the better your little one will react to a Yes Day with a family. 

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