Why GPS tracking device is a must-buy gadget for vehicle owners

The Indian government has been pitching for digital technologies since 2014. Last year in December, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari announced the decision to debit toll money from a GPS tracker installed in the vehicle, making every car, truck, bus, and bike have a GPS tracking system installed.

The Indian government made its stand clear on telematics technology in 2018 by introducing a bill in parliament making GPS tracking devices compulsory for every six-seater or more than six-seat vehicles. Govt is also encouraging the Indian companies to produce more and more products to move onto other countries’ goods.

If we dig into car and bike brands in the market, there are many Indian brands like Tata, Hero, etc., which is a good thing if we want to make a self-reliant economy. As we have discussed in the first paragraph, the Govt. is pushing for GPS tracker installation in the car and other vehicles. Now the question is, does a car GPS tracker worth the investment? Everyone has different theories regarding the use of a GPS tracker; many say it’s a waste of money; some say it’s a luxury technology. In this article, you will know why a GPS tracker is a necessity for every vehicle.

Advantages of GPS tracker

Here are the five benefits of GPS tracking device:

  1. Instant Theft Alerts:

Buying a vehicle after working hard day and night for INR 5 Lakh – INR 10 Lakh and losing it in a theft incident is a thing that no bike or car owner wants to see. To avoid this kind of situation, you must have a GPS device installed in your vehicles registrierten f├╝hrerschein kaufen that alerts you from theft. Suppose after a tiring day in the office you’re sleeping at home peacefully and here comes a thief near your house sees your car parked and made up his mind to steal your car but as he tries to unlock your vehicle you get alert on your mobile so you get alert and can save your car from stealing.

  1. Track Your Loved Ones:

Ask any family man what is fear? He will say, “it’s when I don’t return home from the office at a usual time.” The love seen in the country between families is exceptional, but this love turns into fear when someone from the family doesn’t come home on time. However, the vehicle tracking system can release some of your stress. With the help of a car GPS tracker, you can track your loved ones’ vehicles whenever you want and can get relaxed.

  1. Monitor Your Teen:

Youth get excited to use the bike and car of their parents, which is not bad but not managing it carefully while driving can be harmful to the rider and their parents. Road accidents are not new to anyone, and most of the persons involved in them are of the young generation. Suppose your son is going outside and wants your car; you gave the key, but you fear from inside the speed he will drive the vehicle. Let me tell you one thing with the help of a GPS tracker for car; you can set an over-speed alert in the mobile app, which will give you an over-speed warning whenever your car will exceed the marked speed limit.

  1. Asset Tracking:

Whenever someone talks about GPS or telematics first thing that comes in people mind is a vehicle which isn’t wrong because its a perception which has been built in almost everyone’s mind. Let me clear this doubt that GPS tracker tracks vehicles and can also track the assets that you put inside your vehicle. There are many wireless and portable devices in the market which you can put into your valuables to track, or you can put all your valuables in the car and install a GPS in the vehicle, which will serve you both purposes.

  1. Worth:

After analyzing the impacts of a GPS tracking device in the above points, a question that comes to everybody’s mind is that does it worth a go. Well, before buying a bike or car, we also think of does it worth. However, then we purchase it, then why shouldn’t we secure it with a robust quality GPS tracking system that tracks your vehicle and sends vehicle-saving alerts, which is a bonus for its users.


The telematics market has proliferated over the past few years, and the recent initiative and push for Indian products is a sign of better things to come. If India wants to become a global leader in the market, the Telematics industry can play an important role in underrating many people. Hence, every vehicle owner should install a GPS tracker in their vehicle and become part of the initiative to make this country free from toll booths to avoid the congestion of vehicles at highways.

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