Why Is Home Cooking Trending

The internet gives us unprecedented access to information, and this is no different when it comes to nutrition. We are more aware than ever about the bad effects some food types and additives can have and how eating healthier meals can result in better health and well-being.

This has had a direct effect on people choosing between convenience foods and cooking at home. But knowledge about good nutrition is not the only factor that has played a role in why home cooking is so popular again. Here are some reasons more and more people are preferring to cook their own meals using resources such as My Home Selection rather than relying on ready-to eat, take-out and restaurants.

  1. Covid-19

Covid-19 has had a major effect on just about every aspect of our lives including the way in which we eat. Staying at home meant no longer being able to grab a quick snack for lunch or take-out on the way home for dinner. Plus, the pure boredom of being stuck inside resulted in more and more people taking an interest in the culinary arts. Statistics show that more than 50% of consumers now prefer cooking their meals at home.

But why has this trend continued beyond stay-at-home regulations? One of the reasons cited is that so many favorite restaurants and take-out establishments did not survive having to shut their doors at the start of the pandemic. Even more are struggling to be profitable with so many of their former patrons eating at home. But there’s more to the story…

  1. Culinary Skills

One of the most common reasons people cite for not cooking at home is because they simply don’t know how. The boredom factor gave so many of us the time we needed to learn how to cook, practice and experiment. Individuals who would never have put the time in to learn what it takes to cook suddenly had nothing better to do. Plus, most who learnt to cook while being forced to stay home enjoyed the experience and the food that they were able to produce.

  1. It Tastes Better

Cooking offers the opportunity to cook to your own tastes. No longer do you have to tell the waiter or person taking your order at the take-out to leave the pickles but go extra heavy on the sauce. It also allows you to experiment with different taste profiles that you prefer. Herbs, spices, and other ingredients can all enhance the taste of a dish or a dish can be entirely tasteless without them. Many of the people who are now cooking at home say that they prefer the taste of their own cooking rather than the flavor profiles of ready-cooked meals.

  1. It’s Healthier

Cooking at home gives you the advantage of knowing exactly what you are putting into your food and eating. This gives you more control to avoid ingredients that may be harmful, toxic or just plain bad for the body. Additives such as preservatives, artificial colors and flavors are all added to ready-made and processed food to make them more attractive and tastier. However, these ingredients are chemicals and toxic. Cooking your own food means that you are leaving these harmful chemicals out of your food. You can also better manage consuming other potentially harmful ingredients like sodium (salt) and saturated fats in moderation.

In addition, it provides the ability to pay closer attention to your nutritional needs. Are you getting sufficient fats, protein and carbohydrates from your meals? These are the three main food groups. Then there are the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that your body needs to function optimally. You have a better chance at ensuring that you are getting all the nutrients the body needs by cooking with fresh ingredients at home. Most people report having more energy and feeling better overall from eating their own cooking.

  1. A Family Affair

Multiple studies have shown that cooking and eating meals together strengthen family bonds and relationships. It is a task that is appropriate and enjoyable for all ages. Plus, parents are passing on their cooking skills and healthy eating habits to their kids. Children of parents who cook at home are more likely to develop a healthy relationship with food and less likely to suffer from eating disorders.

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