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Blurry vision is a prevalent condition. It is a problem with any of the components of your eye, like the cornea, retina, or optic nerve, which can suddenly cause blurred eyesight. People often ask why is my eyesight so blurry all of a sudden. There could be many reasons for this. However, medications are not always the culprit.

Prolonged medical conditions usually cause gradually progressive blurred vision. But, a single event causes sudden blurring most of the time.

Symptoms of Blurred Eyesight 

Before we get into the reasons for blurry vision, let’s see the symptoms that cause it: 

  • Pain
  • Photophobia
  • Redness or Swelling
  • Double Vision
  • Floaters, which are the floating spots in front of your eyes

Some symptoms are more common with specific eye conditions; these include:

  • Eye discharge that signals infection
  • Headache and Nausea, common for migraine
  • Itchiness that indicates conjunctivitis
  • Stroke or TIA

You should look out for these symptoms when you ask yourself why is my eyesight so blurry. 

Causes of Blurry Vision 

Following are the causes of blurry eyesight:

1- Detachment of the Retina 

A detached retina transpires when your retina splits away from the back of your eye and loses its supply to the nerve and blood. When this condition occurs, you would see flashing lights and black dots followed by a particular area of blurred or absent vision. 

If you do not seek emergency treatment, you may lose your sight permanently in that region. 

2- Stroke 

Strokes are also often responsible for creating blurry or lost vision in one or both eyes. If a stroke involves your eyes, it can cause blurred vision or loss of sight in the eyes. Some other symptoms can also include weakness on the body side or the inability to speak. 

3- Degeneration of Wet Macular 

The macula is the center part of your retina. Sometimes, muscles grow abnormally and cause the blood and other fluid to leak into the macula. This condition is called wet macular degeneration. People with this condition will experience blurred eyesight and vision loss in the center part of their visual field. Moreover, this type of degeneration can start suddenly and progress quickly. 

4- Strain in the Eye 

Strain is produced in your eyes after looking at or focusing on something for an extended period. It is also caused by concentrating on the screen of your computer or cellphone, causing digital eye strain. Other causes of eye strain include reading and driving, particularly late at night or in poor weather. 

5- Iritis 

The iris is the colored part in the middle of your eye. The condition iritis transpires when this part becomes inflamed due to an autoimmune reaction or infection. Autoimmune conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis or sarcoidosis, can also trigger iritis. This eye condition can be painful at times and cause light sensitivity, known as photophobia. This sensitivity to light can cause blurry vision as your eyes are infected. 

6- Temporal Arteritis 

Infection or inflammation of the medium arteries is called temporal arteritis. A throbbing headache can occur due to the vessels around your temples, causing your vision to appear blurred and affected. 

7- Angle Closure Glaucoma 

When the drainage system of your eye is blocked, it can cause many problems. One of these problems is angle-closure glaucoma. This condition causes the pressure inside the eye to go up rapidly, causing pain, redness, and nausea. 

This condition is taken as a medical emergency, and it requires eye drops to open the angle, decrease the pressure, and lessen the inflammation in the eye. At times, cases can become so severe that a laser treatment, known as laser iridotomy, is required to correct the condition. 

8- Transient Ischemic Attack 

A transient ischemic attack or TIA is a type of stroke that lasts less than 24 hours. One of the notable symptoms of this stroke is that it can cause blurred vision in one or both eyes. 

9- Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is the infection of the outer lining of your eye. It is also known as pink eye. A virus mainly causes this condition, but it can also be triggered by bacteria or allergies.

10- Corneal Abrasion 

The cornea is the clear covering on the front part of your eye. When this part gets injured by scratching, you may develop a corneal abrasion. As a result, your vision can get blurry, and you may also feel that there is something in your eye.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- Does excess use of phones blur the eyesight?

Yes, using phones for long hours can cause eye strain that can produce irritation and dryness in the eyes. Therefore, your eyes can get blurry. create

2- Is eating nuts good for improving eyesight?

Yes, dry nuts can significantly help in improving eyesight.

3- Is using dark mode on phones good for the eyes?

Using dark mode can significantly reduce the eye strain. However, prolonged usage should be avoided.

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