Though, in most countries, people find owning dogs. But there are many countries where you won’t see any dogs as pets. Unlike loyal and loving dog breeds, not every dog species serves loyalty because some of them can be harmful as well. Additionally, Dubai is one of those countries that have banned many unique breeds of dogs. This article will let you know why there is no dog in dubai? 

Banned dog breeds in Dubai:

Dubai has banned many breeds of dogs due to many reasons. It includes a variety of dog breeds. Also, it’s illegal in Dubai to import these breeds. Such as Japanese Tosa, Presa Canario, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, Brazillian Mastiff, American Pit Bull Terrier, Wolf hybrids, Rottweiler, Presa Canario, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Doberman Pinscher, Argentinian Mastiff, and many others.


Though a dog is a perfect addition to any family, it’s tough to own a pet in Dubai because Dubai has many restrictions and laws for those who want to own a dog. The dog owners must follow all the rules and regulations if they’re going to keep the dog. Otherwise, they’ll have to face the consequences. 

Registered and vaccinated:

Before owning a dog, owners must have to register their pet. Also, dog registration is mandatory every New Year as registration keeps valid for one year. Apart from this, vaccination of dogs is as essential as registration. However, if your dog is not vaccinated and registered, the authority will warn you and give you three days’ notice to comply. After that, they’ll charge a fine of 200 AED from the owner and not just a fine. But also the authorities confiscated your dog.

Lead mask in public:

The dog must be masked and leashed in public as it’s illegal in Dubai to take dogs out without a mask. Though there are tight areas for the dogs, they must still be wearing a mask. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay 200 AED as a fine. Additionally, these 200 AED is the first time after that the fine will be increased.

Pet-friendly apartment:

To own a dog in Dubai, one must take approval from the dog’s owner. As there are not every building, residents accept pets in their apartments. Moreover, there are many communities and apartment exists that is pet friendly. But if your apartment owner doesn’t allow you to keep a dog, you can’t.

Prohibited areas for dogs:

In Dubai, there are many areas, and so it’s where you can’t take your dogs with you. Like taxis, buses, metro, Jumeirah beach, parks, public transport, Dubai marina’s promenade, and many other famous spots.

  • Don’t let your dog’s harm anything:

This is one of the most basic rules in Dubai that make sure your dog doesn’t harm any person or any other thing. Such as someone’s property or any other objective.

  • Look after your dog:

Being a dog owner, it’s a rule that you must keep your dog clean and look after them. Take care of their all needs and food, including cleaning. Get best dog food dubai from here.

Dogs for fighting:

Nobody can keep the dog for aggressive reasons. It gets strictly prohibited in Dubai due to welfare laws and animal care. 


Now you know why there is no dog in dubai? Because most of the breeds are not allowed to have in Dubai. Also, there are many restrictions and rules that everyone can’t follow easily. Meanwhile, even those who have dogs in Dubai can’t show up every time because they don’t allow to keep the dogs in public places. That’s the main reason you won’t see many dogs in Dubai.

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