Since the first straight razor was made in Sheffield, England a couple of centuries ago, it has been used by men to simplify their shaving routines. Even after the safety razor took over, people still continued to use this traditional shaving product and why not? The straight razor was a true innovation when people had to use seashells, copper and bronze to shave. It introduced comfort to an ageless routine with a blade created from razor-sharp steel.

So, why don’t many people use the straight razor these days?

The answer is simple! As great as the straight razor is, especially when it comes to close shaves,  the user had to be something of an expert to completely avoid cuts and nicks. The safety razor on the other hand is easier to handle even by beginners.

One more thing that partly removed the straight razor from the loop is the creation of disposable blades in the mid twentieth century. With blades you can throw away after one use, the straight blade ritual just sort of faded.

Of course, the accuracy and smoothness the straight blade gave wasn’t possible with the newer razors, but for many people, convenience and speed was better. Today, the razor industry is dominated by cartridges and the straight razor is hardly used by many. The marketing strategy is that the cartridge with 3, 4, 5 to 6 razors is better than the straight razor which is not always the case. In fact, the modern cartridges can cause more damage than the straight razor ever can.

What Is a Straight Razor?

If you haven’t seen one in real life, you must have seen one in movies before. Straight razors usually have a handle and a single blade that can be folded open or closed. The material of the blade can range from carbon steel to artisanal Damascus and they’re always attached to an handle called the scale. Dovo manufactures a variety of straight razors. The straight razor works just like the pocket knife which means that its blade can be folded inside the handle.

There’s no fixed design for the blades. The dimensions and materials can differ depending on the manufacturer.

Why You Should Use the Right Straight Razor

Straight razors are the bomb. Once you start using the right way, you’ll completely fall in love with them. That’s because unlike cartridge razors, electric razors or disposable razors, they give a closer shave, less bumps and smoother skin.

Even if you’ve been using a safety razor before, you’re going to learn that nothing comes close to straight razors.

Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor

Straight shaving is a process with the capacity to greatly impact your physical and emotional well-being while reducing the burden on the environment as a whole because one blade can work for a very long time.  This type of shaving can introduce enjoyment into the process and promote an empowering ritual.

The following are benefits you can get from shaving with a straight razor like Dovo.

Smooth Skin

Using a shaving brush and straight razor gives your skin some sort of gentle exfoliation which can get rid of the topmost dead skin cells. This process can enhance collagen production, new cell growth and improved circulation. These two shaving products are highly effective ways to add the benefits of exfoliation to your routine. The brush takes away the dirt from the skin while gently lifting the hair from the skin. The job of the straight razor in this situation is to clear away dirt, dead cells, and the lather away in one clean swipe and your technique can be modified to create a better shave.

Straight shaving gives a closer shave than you’ll ever get with electric and cartridge razors. As a result, you stand a lesser chance of having ingrown hair, razor bumps and razor burns.

Using a quality straight razor with proper heat treatment ensures that your blade can be cleaned and you can have a closer shave because there’ll be nothing clogging the way.

Good for Your Brain

Learning new skills that allow you to utilize the hemispheres of your brain can improve cognitive function, coordination and memory. Learning how to use a straight razor falls within this category. There are a lot of learning opportunities with straight razors such as learning how to make the perfect lather, how to hone a straight razor and so on and so forth. We assure you, the learning process is going  to be so much fun. You have nothing to worry about.

Some use the straight shaving period to meditate and this has been shown to reduce stress and give the immune system a much needed boost. Folks who meditate while shaving the morning have stated that it helps them get ready for a more productive day.

Those who shave in the evening benefit greatly from this process. Many evening straight shavers have mentioned that performing the task one hour before bed helps them sleep better.

Saves Money

If you can take care of your straight razor well, you won’t have to buy a new one for a very long time or forever if you’re content. In short, it’s economical. A straight razor can ensure that you don’t have to subscribe for refills or drive down to the drugstore for blades again. Straight shaving also reduces the amount of waste you create through cartridge and blade disposals which can in turn decrease your waste disposal bill. Of course, this financial benefit is very subtle and is only visible if you add up a lifetime of blade disposal you won’t be doing.

The financial benefit you’ll get from the straight razor is still considerably vast even if you account for how much it’s going to take to start up and the subsequent maintenance fees. You can prolong the life of your straight razor by getting a good stone for sharpening and learning how to hone your razor by yourself.

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