Taking care of employee health and safety is every business’ priority. Employees are vital in every business operation, and they make up the framework of every successful company.

Companies in the hazardous industry know full well that non-compliance with OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration can make them liable for damages; thus, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions are consistently enforced in the workplace.

OSHA standards are in place to minimize risks, injuries, illnesses, especially death in the workplace. In 2019, 5,333 workers died in the workplace for various unsafe conditions, that’s one in every five employees every year. The top three violations resulting from death are falls, chemical hazards, and respiratory infection.

Chemical hazards and respiratory infections could have been mitigated if employees wore appropriate and high-quality PPE to protect them.

To prevent risks, injuries, and illnesses, every employee must wear personal protective equipment or PPE. It is essential to give a team member a range of protection against hazardous conditions. To provide you with a better idea, here are the reasons why PPE is necessary for the health and safety of employees:

  1. Protect Against Respiratory Infections

Workers in chemical plants, the agricultural sector, and the mining industry are exposed to various toxic fumes that can harm their lungs with exposure; the same goes with law enforcement dispersing riots in public.

Deaths due to workplace respiratory illness are in the top three of all workplace deaths; thus, protecting workers against this is paramount.

These workers need a dependable gas mask to ensure a great defense against TIC or toxic industrial chemicals and CWA or chemical warfare agents for protection. If you’re a worker in these fields, you better shop now for the best tactical gas masks to protect you against workplace risks.

  1. Protection Against Blunt Head Injury 

TBI or traumatic brain injury may result in temporary or permanent paralysis or even death. Employees in hazardous workplaces like construction, logistics, and even motorcycle delivery riders are frequently exposed to risks such as head injury, thus requiring them to wear a sturdy helmet at work.

A blow to the head may result in a contusion, a minor bruise, or a concussion that may give one cognitive or speech challenges. These head traumas can be avoided if a worker comes to work in a complete PPE that includes a helmet.

  1. Shield For Skin Irritations

Workers in industries that process chemicals are highly exposed to toxins that irritate and damage the skin. That is why occupational skin diseases are among the most common workplace illnesses. What’s troubling is that dermal absorption of toxic chemicals may result in various forms of cancer aside from just skin irritation and rash. Complete PPE from head to toe is mandatory for all workers in industries that process toxic chemicals such as paint, acids, plastics, cleaners, and synthetics.

  1. Eye Protection

Vision is one of our most important senses, and to lose or impair it will affect one’s ability to work and lead an everyday life. Using goggles and safety glasses helps you avoid chemical splashes, bacterial and viral infections, and trauma to the eyes. Lab workers, healthcare workers, and workers in chemical factories must wear a protective eye shield to ensure that their vision is protected to avoid trauma and injury.

  1. Foot And Leg Protection

Different industries require specific foot protection for their workers. Foot hazards may include chemicals, extreme temperatures, slippery surfaces, electrical shock, and compression. There is no one type of footwear to address all these hazards; thus, a variation in the make and style of PPE foot protection is needed.

  1. Hand Protection

Safety gloves protect workers from hazardous chemicals and workplace injuries, and there is a multitude of gloves for workers to use in various dangerous settings. There are nitrile, rubber, neoprene, PVC, and PVA gloves. Your hand is one of your greatest assets, and disabling them may forfeit your chance to earn a living and enjoy simple, essential luxuries.

  1. Protects You Against Accidents 

Emergency responders, mining workers, and those who work on the street must wear HVSA or high visibility safety apparel to ensure that they are seen by moving vehicles even in the dark. Wearing these neon green or neon orange jackets increases a worker’s visibility. It reduces accidents, injuries, and death as the fluorescent and retroreflective material work excellently in warning oncoming traffic with its bright hue and reflective properties.


Worker safety is vital in the daily operation of every business. Ensuring that they are healthy and safe speaks a lot about a business’ mission and integrity. OSHA standards are in place to protect workers and ensure companies are compliant at all times.

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