Why Should You Choose SEO Outsourcing Services

Nowadays, SEO outsourcing is emerging as a common practice. As an SME business owner with a shoestring budget and limited time and marketing knowledge, it’s easy to wonder whether outsourcing SEO is really a worthy marketing investment. The 2 main reasons why companies decided to outsource search engine optimization are to minimize their costs and to have the ability to focus on core company priorities. While paying for PPC and social media marketing ads provides traffic and can reach potential customers instantly, SEOs offer longer-lasting benefits. In this short article, OutsourcingVN desires to clarify the meaning of SEO outsourcing and should you select SEO outsourcing services?

1. The difference between SEO In-house and SEO outsourcing

What is SEO In-house?

SEO involves hiring internal staff to work full-time or in your free time to construct and execute your company’s SEO strategy. One of the many main advantages of In-house SEO is they are part of one’s staff that’s an extensive understanding of you and your products. Besides, SEO In-house could be more expensive than  SEO outsourcing .because you’ve to pay for the salaries, along with Social Security, Medicare, worker insurance and unemployment insurance.

What is SEO outsourcing?

SEO Outsourcing  stands for “ Search Engine Optimization or Optimisation Outsourcing.”  Also,  SEO outsourcing could be defined as obtaining On-page and Off-page SEO services from outside vendors. Besides, it’s also well-known as offshore  SEO outsourcing if you outsource SEO services outside your country.

You could be wondering, can it be more expensive to outsource the whole agency than to optimize yourself? However, the key benefit of outsourcing your SEO is expertise and cost savings. Outsourced SEO teams charge less retention amount than hiring an in-house SEO expert.

Besides, one of many indispensable reasons to mention the advantages of  SEO outsourcing services may be the diversity of talent. With the full team of outsourcing specialists, you can exploit their various strengths.

There are numerous advantages of  SEO outsourcing that we mentioned above. However, internal SEO also has its own benefits that can’t be overlooked. The most effective selection for any business would have been a combination of internal and external SEO to attain the absolute most optimal results.

2. How to Outsource SEO?

Actually,  SEO outsourcing service is different from other industries. It takes a lot of time to get results and most outsourcing companies often deceive people around that the outcomes will arrive from next month. Therefore, selecting the most appropriate company for your company is key to success. So, how exactly to Outsource SEO ? Follow 5 steps below:

  • Choose the proper company with a trustworthy customer base
  • Always match your marketing and branding goals
  • Set goals that are measurable and also explain your expectations
  • Agree on action plan and work volume assessment
  • Track monthly progress and always request reports

3. Dos and Don’t of SEO Outsourcing


Check history and portfolio before outsourcing

Regularly check into progress and request reporting

Take notes of everything and assess their needs


Doesn’t give full control to foreign companies

Don’t lose or delete your backups

Don’t forget to regulate your marketing goals

4. Should You Outsource SEO services?

As previously mentioned above, the additional time spent on SEO , the less time you will have on other tasks.

Therefore, it is important to take into account what’s right for your company. When you have more space in your budget and want greater control over your SEO or you’re a huge company and you’ve the capacity to improve the ability and qualifications of one’s employees, the SEO In-house team can also be a chance to explore.

Having an SEO expert stick to the company who will intimately enforce the policies better suitable for their needs. Then, your organization could be more adaptable by having an SEO In-house staff, being able to regulate tactics and updates on the optimization activities regularly.

If you’re a small company with the minimum budget contracting your SEO benefit some other company will be the optimal choice. A great SEO company will give you all the mandatory features and adjust things according for your requirements utilising the best SEO optimization tools. This could comprise creating and implementing marketing strategies, local SEO, link building, content marketing, local SEO, web design, and digital PR.

5. What types of technical SEO services can be outsourced?

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Meta Data Analysis
  • Image Optimization
  • Speed Optimization
  • Structured Data Markup
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Website Migration


SEO is complex. It is important to get it right. So, your choice to outsource SEO for your website ought to be thoughtful. With regards to needs, goals, and budgets avoid waste. This can help determine whether you ought to outsource or do it yourself.

Besides, when hiring an outsourced SEO company, you will need to take into account some disadvantages and some advantages. Significantly more than that, ensure you understand all contract terms and refund policies. In the event that you find the appropriate SEO professional, it can be quite a great long-term investment that can help ease your headache.

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