Why Should You Have A Video App For Personalised Sales? 

Are you part of the sales team in your company? You might consider getting a personalised sales video app. Such applications will help you boost your sales and ensure relevancy and competency in the market for you.  Plus, it will help you connect with your customers personally.

Did you know 88% of Australians watch video content every month, and 54% of consumers prefer personalised branded video content that is relatable over other content? It’s because of the benefits that personalised video content provides.

You must be wondering how personalised sales video apps can benefit you. Read on to know more.

What is a Personalised Sales Video?

A personalised sales video is tailored for every individual user. You use data you’ve collected on the individual to add a personal touch to such videos. You can use details like name, company, age, gender, location, and other tidbits to give your viewers a personalised touch.

This doesn’t mean that you need to create hundreds and thousands of videos for each viewer. You have several personalised video applications that will help you automate your recordings. You’ll merely need to integrate your video into your CRM list, and you can send each of your recipients a personalised video and make them feel special.

You design a video template with an impactful message and personalise it to reach your consumers. Your customers are more likely to view these videos and feel motivated to buy what you have to sell.

Benefits of Personalised Sales Video Apps?

Personalised sales video applications are a boon. They help you leverage technology to create personal videos for your potential and existing clientele. Plus, it enables you to grab their attention immediately. Your viewers will feel like the video is addressing them directly.

Personalised sales videos provide you with the following benefits:

It Helps in Communicating Effectively

When you create personalised videos by using your customer’s details, it can help you communicate effectively. It almost feels like you are directly communicating with your customers. So, personalised videos give a feel of one-on-one communication despite being a template video.

You’ll Build Customer Loyalty and Trust.

When you create a personalised sales video, you’ll have more authenticity. It shows more effort and genuineness. So, your customer is more likely to trust your brand. Plus, they will feel more willing to supply you with data when they know the purpose.

The correct personalisation will build customer loyalty and trust.

It will Boost Customer Engagement.

One of the strongest benefits of personalised videos is boosted customer engagement. Imagine when someone sends you a video that mentions your name, tells a strong story, and is relatable; you are more likely to engage with it, isn’t it? Your customer will also engage with a personalised video.

They are likely to view it repeatedly and provide you with a 202% chance of getting enquiries on your product.

Improves Brand Image

When you create personalised videos, it shows that you care and value your customers. It displays that you have the pulse of the customer in your hand. Further, you are humanising your brand and appealing to the psyche of your clientele.

It humanises your brand and creates a visible feeling to the customer. So, it automatically boosts your brand image.

Using a personalised sales video app is crucial in today’s era to better your brand. These videos help you connect to your target audience effectively and will help build customer loyalty and trust. Further, the video makes your customers feel like they are being addressed personally. So, they are likely to buy from your brand.

Sending out personalised videos will elevate your brand image and provide more conversions for you. So, hunt for an application that will let you create a personalised sales video now!

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