Why Should You Invest in Custom Pallets?

Investing in custom pallets for your business is an excellent idea. They can help you save time and effort while loading, storing, and transporting goods.

Too often, supply shipments are damaged in transit to wholesalers and retailers because of standard pallet sizes. Consider using a customized pallet for your next shipment to avoid these damages.

Perfect Fit

When shipping inventory, any in-transit damage is costly. You might have to replace or restock products, affecting your bottom line and customer satisfaction. Custom pallets are designed with your stock in mind, reducing the risk of damaged products that can occur when items don’t fit properly or aren’t strong enough to be shipped safely.

Wood pallets are the most common type, but plastic and presswood pallets are also available. The latter can be an excellent option for businesses with strict hygiene requirements, such as food transportation. They don’t require fumigation and can be stacked securely without compromising safety. Moreover, they can easily pass through doors and buildings. You can get custom pallets with two-way or four-way entry, depending on your requirements.


Using pallets different from the right size for your goods can cost you a lot of time. Not only do they take up unnecessary space in the truck, train, or ship, but they also lead to costly freight expenses.

Custom pallets, skids, and bases are ideal for transportation and storage. We can build your pallets to the exact specifications you need so that your products are better protected and have a safer chance of reaching their destination intact.

Additionally, custom pallets can include your company’s branding and proper pallet management, which helps reinforce the quality of your goods. Standard pallets are typically unbranded, giving a generic impression of your company. With a custom pallet, you can add your logo and other branding features to help you stand out.


Standard pallets are acceptable for shipping generic products that fit perfectly, but if your inventory has an atypical shape or size, standard pallets could damage it in transit. A custom pallet is designed with your products in mind, preventing damage and improving your storage and transportation efficiency.

Some custom pallets feature grooves or ridges that grip rolls and pipes; others have unique cutouts with specific parts. In addition, thermoformed pallets are hygienic and easy to clean, which is great for environments that require strict hygiene standards or harsh conditions. Other options include metal reinforcements that add strength and stability to the pallet. These are particularly useful in transporting heavy goods. They are also an excellent choice for storing and shipping products that require a high level of biosecurity.

Easy Storage

For heavy machinery, large bulky items, or fragile products, custom pallets can help protect them from the elements. The pallets also reduce the risk of damage and are designed to accommodate uneven loads. They are also resistant to water, chemical, and fire damage. They can be easily stored and transported across warehouses, providing a more reliable storage solution for your product.

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Easy Transportation

A pallet accommodating your load is essential if you ship products to and from your warehouse or distribution center. The wrong pallet size can cause products to shift or even break during transit, resulting in costly damage.

Using custom pallets allows you to optimize transportation loads. When your load fits the pallet, there’s no extra space that requires additional packaging materials, reducing shipping costs.

Plastic pallets are easy to clean and sanitize, meeting strict hygiene standards required in industries such as food or pharmaceuticals. This also reduces the risk of contamination and other supply chain problems. Additionally, you can get RFID-equipped custom pallets that provide tracking information, such as where the pallet is and how many trips it has made. This data could help you make operational improvements and increase customer satisfaction.

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