Why The Paternity Test Cost Matters

When considering the cost of a paternity test, you should consider which type of test you are performing and where. If you complete the test at an office with a doctor, the cost will be astronomically higher than if you buy a kit. However, kits that are too low in charge will not be accurate. These are scams to get people to believe that you can have precise results for a low price, and that simply isn’t true. Before you get into this process, you should know what it will truly cost you.

At-Home Testing

An at-home paternity test will set you back between one hundred and three hundred dollars. However, a legal paternity test with results you can use in court will cost between two hundred and six hundred. It also includes a professional DNA collection. These two tests are pretty similar, although you will find subtle differences that make all the difference in your results.

Paternity Test Cost Rises In The Office

Depending on the type of testing you need in the office, the testing will cost three hundred dollars to four thousand dollars. As there is a significant price difference, you should focus on the reasoning behind the test and how soon you need the results. A lab can process the results in as little as two or three days. A testing kit takes a week or up to a month. Many people don’t like the wait because this is an important issue and want their results to come immediately or as quickly as possible. Others simply can’t afford a doctor’s office test because the price is so high. It will come down to what it is that you can do on your budget and how fast you need the results. Visit our site to have a clearer understanding on paternity test costs.

In-Home Vs. Office Accuracy

Accuracy is another issue that goes with cost, and people wonder if the price affects the accuracy. In reality, there can be issues with testing, but research has shown that the margin of error is smaller than people think it is, and there isn’t much difference between an in-home kit or an office test. However, the office testing wins because the staff is professional and has no issues with tampering or not following directions. That is an issue that occurs with kits in many cases. Clients should be relieved, however, to know that cost doesn’t affect the test. The level of professionalism is what helps because they have your best interests at heart.

Cost Shouldn’t Hinder You

The cost of a test shouldn’t hinder the test that you are taking and you shouldn’t feel pressured to take a more expensive test if you cannot afford it. Instead, focus on what you know you can afford and ensure that you have done the test correctly. Many kits will now say that they have enough supplies to be tested twice for maximum precision. While a doctor’s office only needs one test, the results and accuracy don’t differ much, which should put your mind at ease.

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