Why You Absolutely Must Wear Safety Glasses

Wearing the right gear is crucial to your safety in the workplace. No matter what type of work you do, it is important that you focus on investing in equipment that will protect you from the various risks that are involved in your industry. Naturally, some people neglect certain accessories when seeking gear. More often than not, keeping one’s eyes protected becomes an afterthought. However, your eyes are susceptible to a number of serious threats. In order for you to stay safe, you need to think about the main reasons to put on a pair of safety glasses.

Avoid Sudden Impacts

If you’re in a field like construction, one of the biggest issues you are going to face on a daily basis is the chance of an accident. Unfortunately, the kind of accidents that can transpire on an active site are severe. A sudden blow to the head from a careless coworker can cause much more damage to a person who is not wearing the correct gear. Keep your eyes and face shielded from harm by finding glasses that boast shatterproof lenses and frames resistant to impact.

Keep Irritants Away

Getting hit in the head is only one of the many threats that a person can face while at work. If you’re someone who works in a rendering plant or chemical research facility, then the biggest risks that you face on a regular basis are the vapors and fumes you could come in contact with. In this scenario, safety glasses that create a suction around the eyes are key to your protection. The same is true of dust, debris from using power tools, and other irritants that could come in contact with your eyes.

In some cases, goggles might be a preferred choice to glasses. The best way to determine this is by weighing out all of your options and seeing which provides the most protection from the irritants that are related to your industry.

Meet Workplace Standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration sets many standards when it comes to how business owners should conduct operations. In order for a company to avoid legal fees, then all people who work for the organization need to follow the rules and regulations that OSHA puts forth. In most cases, this will involve the level and quality of gear that must be used. Thankfully, finding glasses that meet these standards will not be a huge challenge.

All you need to do to find glasses that meet workplace standards for safety is look for the designation of z87. This means that the glasses have been tested by the American National Standards Institute and meet all of the correct marks. Since ANSI is a third-party organization, you can take confidence in the fact that their ratings are trustworthy and not simply a marketing ploy.

Find the Perfect Fit

Discovering the right safety glasses for your line of work is about a lot more than just grabbing anything that comes along. Give yourself a chance to look through the selection at Safety Gear Pro and see which pair offers the most protection for the line of work you are in.

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