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Has dirt gathered on your façade? Maybe some algae have grown and are spreading? You might have already decided that you want to clean your façade and make it shine as it used to. However, if you don’t have the knowledge, this might be a difficult task. You might wonder if you can do it on your own or need to ask for help. In the following, we will provide a few reasons why it might be best to hire a cleaning professional for this type of work. 

Why do you need to clean your façade?

First of all, why should you even Office cleaners your façade at all? You might think it is mainly a matter of aesthetics. It might not be all that pleasing to look at a dirty wall, yet it’s not too important, right? Actually, that’s wrong. While the appearance is indeed a reason to take care of your walls, it is not the main reason why it is advisable to regularly look after them. You can use the Best Spray mop for better cleaning. 

It is natural that dirt, pollutants, and more spread on your façade. Especially algae and mushrooms will grow here, thank to all the condensation of water. However, you don’t want them on your façade, because they will damage it. They excrete acid which has a corrosive effect long-term. This will soften the structure of your exterior and ultimately damage it. So, the longer you leave it there, the more work needs to be done to fix this problem. 

As you can see, it is important to look after your façade regularly. Now, you might be thinking that you can handle it on your own. And while it is possible to take care of it yourself, you might want help.

Why do you need the help of a facade cleaning professional?

As already indicated, there are reasons why it might be best to hire a professional team to clean your façade. In the following, three key points will be discussed that you should be aware of when trying to clean your façade on your own. This will also show why in most cases, hiring professionals is highly advisable.

  1. Safety first

Your own safety should always come first. For example, if you have algae on your façade and want to remove it, be aware that pores will be set free in the process. You need proper protection as you don’t want to inhale them or get them on your skin. You might also need to work with hazardous agents which is dangerous as well. 

Besides your own safety, you might want to think about the environment as well. There are measures professionals take to lessen the environmental effect. For example, you need to cover nearby grass and plants or water them vigorously, so the effect of the hazardous liquids is weakened. There are catch basins that can be used to prevent the liquid from entering the groundwater as well. 

  1. Proper cleaning

The façade should be handled and cleaned properly. If any traces of pores are left, they will return quickly. Only removing the visible dirt isn’t enough if you want to achieve long-term results. Additionally, some spots might be hard to reach. Cleaning professionals have proper equipment to reach all spots. If the façade is cleaned properly, it will help to expand its lifespan. 

  1. Inform yourself

If you decide that you want to clean your façade on your own, please look up all necessary information beforehand. Know what gear, agents and tools you should use. Also, be aware that if you search for help online, not everyone might be an expert. Check your sources carefully and make sure the information was written by a reliable person. For example, many sources online suggest to use high-pressure water to clean your façade. And while it does work and is easy, not everyone tells you about the potential risks. High-pressure water can actually damage your façade or leave traces and messy spots. In the end, you might have made things worse. To prevent this from happening, the safest way is to let professionals do the work for you. 

In summary, the three key points if you want to clean your façade yourself are safety, proper cleaning for long-time results, and the importance of reliable information. There are dangers that you should consider and safety measures you need to take. Also, remember the importance of cleaning your façade properly; keep in mind all invisible spores that you might be missing. Moreover, know that online sources might not tell you all possible downsides of every method.

Conclusion – why you should hire professionals

Don’t underestimate the work it takes to clean your façade. It is a tedious job that comes with many risks and a lot to consider. However, a cleaning professional will save you time, money and energy as they have the necessary knowledge, proper gear and equipment as well as experience to help you out. 

The professional team of Fassadenklar can help you clean your facade and improve the exterior of your house.

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