How To Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle And Stick To It: 8 Useful Pieces Of Advice

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) are commonplace when it comes to playing a lot of video games in your spare time. This is because of the constant movement repeatedly, mainly in the hands, and can cause strain over time. It is not just gaming that causes this though, many people can get repetitive strain injuries from an abundance of activities that they do regularly. It is also common to obtain a repetitive strain injury in the workplace too, especially when sitting at the desk typing on a keyboard all day throughout the working week. This is why playing video games on a computer can make you extremely prone to obtaining a repetitive strain injury over time. Keeping your hands in the same position and repeatedly moving in similar ways causes stiffness and strain in your hands and even your arms.

Extensive Time at a Computer

Many people recommend taking breaks from playing video games in general, but this is even more so if you are sitting at a computer to play said video games. Not only do you need to take a break for your hands and posture, but also your eyes too. Sitting close to a screen for hours on end can be damaging to your eyesight and can also lead to quite a bad headache. This in turn will ruin your gaming experience, and if you are working, it can heavily interrupt your overall workflow. Making time to stretch your body to prevent any strain in your back and neck muscles is key to staying comfortable when sitting at a computer during your leisure time. If you already work on a computer for your career, and then go on to stay sat at the computer to play video games, then you are more likely to receive a repetitive strain injury.

Find the Right Support for You

Investing in some ergonomically designed equipment for your computer can be one of the best decisions you make for your gaming setup. From an ergonomic chair to some effective Wrist Support, there are a plethora of options to support your body. Effective support helps to prevent serious injuries and aids any current injuries caused by strain. It is no secret that sitting at a computer for long periods causes aching muscles and inflammation, so why put yourself through this lack of comfortability when there are ways to fix this?

Keep an Eye on Your Posture

It can be difficult to remember to watch your posture while sitting at a computer for a while, especially if you are focusing hard on your video game. If you catch yourself sitting in a strange position that is not healthy for your body, then make sure you sit up straight, with your back firmly against the back of the chair. You should also make sure that your desk and chair height are correct for your body, as a lower or higher desk than your chair reaches can cause strain in your shoulders and neck. The key thing to remember is to stretch, take breaks and find the correct support for you and your body.

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