Why You Should Use a Local Flower Shop

The benefits of buying local have always outweighed buying from gigantic corporations with billion-dollar revenues. As a consumer, you may be wondering what’s in it for you.

When you buy local, you’re supporting independent small businesses and boosting the economy in your community.

Have you ever considered why you should buy flowers from a local flower shop? We’re here to tell you!

Between convenience, selection, and service, believe us when we say that purchasing locally grown flowers benefits you and your community. Keep reading to find more reasons why!

No More Middleman

Buying from a local flower shop is far more convenient and supportive than going through a large florist retailer, like 1-800 Flowers. A place like that wants you to believe that they are the most accessible option available to you.

One major misinterpretation about large flower arrangement services like 1-800 Flowers is that they’re spread all over the country, delivering bouquets to doorsteps left and right.

The people behind websites like these don’t actually know much about flowers. Instead, they make you pay big bucks just to send your order to a local florist who creates your arrangement.

This alone contributes to the many reasons to buy local because when you do, you’re directly supporting the florist.

The Freshest of Flowers

When you buy from a local flower shop, you’re presented with the freshest flowers possible.

Purchasing flowers online can sometimes mean that you’re receiving imported flowers that were cut up to a week before they arrive at your door.

Locally grown flowers will never have this issue!

Additional benefits of buying locally grown flowers include connecting with farmers, helping the local bee, insect, and wildlife habitat, and discovering wide varieties of seasonal flowers that are unavailable anywhere else.

This flower shop has eight award-winning locations that produce beautiful, fresh, locally grown flowers. Check it out!

Local Florists Care

Simply walking into your local flower shop can brighten a florist’s day. You chose to go to their shop over buying big, of course, they’ll be happy!

Local florists also put a great deal of effort, time, and care into their arrangements.

Some may even sit down with you and chat about what it is you want exactly, and others may already know your floral desire if you shop there often.

The best part in knowing how much your local florist cares is their creativity. Going above and beyond, independent florists cater to creating much more than the generic floral arrangements you see in the supermarket.

Find Your Local Flower Shop Today

Taking the time to research your local flower shops will be of great benefit to you, your community, and especially the florist you decide to support.

Local florists prioritize every single aspect of serving you. From speedy service to delicately constructed floral arrangements, florists want you to know that you are always at the top of their list.

Stop feeding the middleman and receiving imported flowers. Find your local flower shop today and support your community! The benefits outweigh any potential risks involved with buying from big flower retail sites.

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