Why You Should Use a Vape Pen

Are you wondering if vaping cannabis is better than smoking it? Maybe you are new to cannabis vaping and would like to try it as it has loads of health benefits. You heard it relieves pain, anxiety and improves your overall mood. Find all the answers here as to why you should use a vape pen instead of smoking it.

Benefits of Using a Vape Pen

Vaping your cannabis is discrete and easy. Furthermore, it is healthier than the traditional smoking methods. However, it has other benefits as well.

#1 Easy to Use

Using a vaporizer is less messy and needs fewer steps to start enjoying your weed. All you need to do is keep it charged, load with oil, or you can invest in a Buzzed Bullet Vape Pen with premium filled cannabis oil. You can enjoy up to 150 draws with the pen and a worthy option to invest in.

#2 More Affordable

Instead of using the herb, investing in a vaporizer is more cost-effective for Online Dispensary in the end. While it may be an expensive investment first, the concentrates last long.

#3 Less Smell

While not odorless, using a vape pen helps minimize the earthy smell of cannabis that some people find appalling. Why, as the marijuana does not burn and it only warm up the oil?

#4 You Have No 2nd Hand Smoke

When smoking weed, you get secondhand smoke just as dangerous as smoking as the THC is still detected. When you use the cannabis oil in the vapor pen, it reduces the vicinity’s carcinogen amount, preventing exposure to others.

#5 Less Cannabis Wastage

When you smoke a joint or a pipe, there is a lot of weed wastage compared to a vaporizer. The reason is that the vape deals needs less marijuana to achieve the desirable effects and made possible through using oil. The dosage is more potent and you don’t need to take a deep inhale.

#6 You Get a Cleaner Hit

Smoking with a vape pen is purer and much more potent than using combusted cannabis. Furthermore, depending on what oil brand you use, it contains fewer toxins. However, this applies if the product containing THC does not have contamination of harmful bi-products.

#7 Enjoy Consistent Doses

Using a vape pen provides you with consistent doses of THC when inhaling with instant effects. The fact is when you eat an edible concentration of THC; you feel no effect at all after three hours.

#8 You can Use it Anywhere

With a vape pen, you can walk in public spaces or a park to enjoy your cannabis. You can smoke it outside your work if it’s permitted in a smoking area.

Smoking with a Vape Pen is Better

When you smoke tobacco, it is dangerous for your health. The fact is that you inhale burning pieces of fragments that can aggravate your lungs. Even burning leaves can cause a substance reaction leading to inhaling toxic compounds linked to different ailments such as cancer.

There is no burning of anything with a vape pen as the THC oil heats up hot enough, creating an aerosol. Using a vape pen instead of burning the substance heats up the THC matter. Once it is hot, it generates an aerosol that is not as hot as when it is combusted. Therefore, if you want something that is smoother on your lungs the vape pen is ideal to use.

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