Why you should use mini rigs instead of full-size rigs for advanced users!

For advanced cannabis users, finding the best way to ingest marijuana safely is paramount when it comes to your smoking experience. Advanced smokers should look into using mini dab rigs for intense highs, long-lasting flavor, and increased portability!

3 benefits of using a mini rig vs. a full-size dab rig!

If you are an advanced user, you might benefit from using a mini dab rig instead of a full-sized rig for numerous reasons. Not only are small rigs more transportable, meaning you can take them to your friend’s houses in a pocket or small backpack, but they are also more convenient to use while on the go or out in public. Mini rigs are a great alternative to bigger rigs since they are easy to use, fun to operate, and still contain an intense high that is ideal for advanced smokers.

First – what is a mini dab rig? When looking at purchasing a mini dab rig from MJ Arsenal, which you can click here to buy online, you first need to know what you are getting yourself into. A mini dab rig in simple terms is a smaller and more compact version of full-size dab rigs that are more common on the market. For advanced users, this mini dab rig is a great switch, since you are already comfortable with using a full-size rig.

More intense flavor

So why do advanced users love the MJ arsenal mini rig over a full-size rig? Since it is smaller, there is less space and less room to take up, meaning there is less air inside of the dab rig. Therefore, less air directly equates to an increased concentration of flavor, high, and taste! This makes the experience stronger and more enjoyable for advanced smokers.

Concentrated vapor

The second benefit of using mini dab rigs instead of full-size rigs is the higher concentration of vapor. The more concentrated vapor directly relates to an intense high than you would get with a bigger rig, since there is less air and less time for the flavor to dissipate. With less space and less air inside of the mini rig, the vapor does not have a chance to escape.

Due to the smaller space in MJ Arsenal mini dab rigs, there will be a higher concentration of vapor and flavor that is more intense, long-lasting, and powerful. Advanced users will love this extra boost of flavor and intensity that they would otherwise not be able to get from a full-size rig.

Portable and convenient

The third benefit of using MJ Arsenal mini dab rigs instead of full-size rigs is the convenience factor. Have you ever wanted to bring your dab rig to your friend’s house or the park but it is too difficult to transport safely and discreetly? Cue the mini dab rig! This smaller-sized option is the perfect choice for advanced smokers who enjoy having a portable smoking option, like pens, joints, and small bowls.

Also, you don’t have to worry about your mini dab rig breaking during the transportation process – MJ Arsenal dab rigs are made of shatter-proof glass that is more durable than other options on the market.


For advanced users who want a strong, high, intense flavor, and convenient option for smoking on the go, consider purchasing MJ Arsenal mini dab rigs instead of full-size options. Not only is this option better for advanced users due to the intense high, but it makes it easier to transport!

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