Why Your Startup Needs a Virtual Phone System

Startups are all the rage right now, and when they succeed, they’re proof that average people with an innovative mindset can break through into widespread success. However, they are susceptible to a multitude of issues when they first open up. 

Luckily, there’s one useful tool that takes care of a lot of the issues startups face: A virtual phone system. 

A virtual phone system streamlines the communication efforts of startup endeavors without straining a tight budget or sacrificing must-have functionalities. 

Let’s get into all the ways a virtual phone system can give your startup a chance at success. 

Communication Made Easy

A virtual phone system makes all of your business communications a lot easier. Whether you’re communicating with B2C peers, teammates in other departments, or directly with customers, a virtual phone system will provide you with crystal clear communication and all the features found in an expensive phone system. 

Besides basic communication you can get from practically any provider, a virtual phone system also gives you a full-fledged business system. You’ll have access to a proper business phone number that can be customized to meet your needs, call holding, split lines for specific departments, call transferring, call recording, hold music, personalized business messages, texting, and customized profiles for all of your team members on the same account. 

This makes managing a proper business communication system a breeze, and practically everything can be managed the same way you’d manage an app like Facebook. 

Virtual phone system startup

Low Prices

When you sign up for a virtual phone system, you don’t need to pay for complex installations, IT maintenance specialists, aftercare, and the service itself. 

You simply pay a monthly fee that is far lower than what you’ll pay with a traditional phone provider. Installations can be handled on your own, as they simply require you to download an app or install computer software the same way you do everything else on those devices. 

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay for extra hardware. Your virtual phone system will use the computers your business already uses for its day-to-day demands, and the smartphones all of your employees carry in the first place. There’s nothing special needed. 

This allows you to make the most out of the hardware your business already has, rather than purchasing specialized equipment that takes away from your other obligations. When you need something repaired, you can simply take your device to your usual repair service.


As a small startup, you’re unlikely to have a dedicated IT team. Those are expensive, and they take away from your budget. With a traditional phone provider, you gain access to a specialized maintenance team, but it costs you big time. 

A virtual phone system doesn’t require extra costs just to ensure your phone system is maintained and fully functional. 

Instead, the best virtual phone system providers offer 24/7 support that helps you learn new features, adjust things to match your needs or work out any issues you may have with their software. 

If you have a hardware failure, that’s easy to take care of it too. Rather than paying a team of IT specialists, you can just take your device to the same repairman you would have for other reasons. 

Get a Virtual Phone System Today

As you can see, a virtual phone system isn’t just a cheap alternative. It provides your startup with several benefits that can help you achieve success much faster and a lot more easily. 

Don’t take our word for it, though. Try out the best virtual phone system, today. 

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