If you have ever played slot games, then you have most probably heard about wilds and special symbols. They have appeared in slot machines since the days of the classic one-armed bandits. And today, they have the same meaning and function – wilds replace any other symbol on the playfield, allowing players to increase their chances of winning. Therefore, wilds can be extremely profitable in the game.

In this review, you will learn what wild symbols are, what function they perform, and then you can play at sweetbonanzaslot.com or other trusted sites to test out all the cool features. We will also consider what types of “Wilds” exist so that you are better guided in this topic.

Functions of Wild Symbols in Slot Games

The main meaning of such elements is to replace any other sector in the area of ​​the reel to issue a bonus combination. Most often, they are not able to replace bonus elements. In some slots, the wilds have no intrinsic value at all, while in some slot machines, they are quite expensive.

Depending on the specific mechanics of the gameplay and the technical parameters of the slot, this symbol can perform the following functions:

  • Replacing all other images with oneself – the formation of prize combinations occurs when two or three identical images appear. If one image is missing, the wild turns into a card that can save you from losing;
  • Increasing the odds value of the bet – sometimes the wild card can turn into an auxiliary multiplier, which will allow a user to get a winning combination that assumes only the minimum number of symbols and double earnings;
  • Stacking bonus deductions in the game – getting a win absolutely after each spin, even a few spins ahead;
  • Substitution of the nearest cards – expansion by cells located in the neighbourhood, which guarantees that a player will receive a win.

Types of Wild Symbols

To have a more detailed understanding of wild symbols and their functions, you need to carefully study their varieties.

Expanding Wilds

These are elements that occupy not one cell on the field, but several pieces at once. As part of the gameplay, they work in a similar way to the classic wild icons. But as soon as the combination works, it expands immediately to the entire screen. The key feature is the ability to occupy three fields and, at the same time, to increase the chance of winning.

Shifting Wilds

Shifting wilds are symbols that remain on the reel of the slot for several spins. The only difference between these icons and sticky wilds is that they may not standstill at the end of each spin but change their position. They often appear on the outer reels and move in one position in all directions. Thus, they form prize combinations without any problems, which is a good thing for every player.

Stacked Wilds

Stacked wilds are a kind of bonus feature that can replace any other icons on the playfield, but their distinctive feature is that they appear in groups. In simple terms, they occupy several positions on the reels instead of one. In this regard, having received them, a player can count on a larger number of payments by making several combinations within one rotation.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky wilds are symbols that can make the gameplay more fun and varied. When they appear on the screen, further fading is observed on the line to participate in the next combination. If it folds, a wild continues to the next round until the spins are over.

Can I Predict When Wilds Drop?

It is unrealistic to predict the moment when the wild symbol will appear since they appear on the screen of the gaming device in random order. To understand exactly when this symbol will appear, you need to carefully read the section of the casino website where payments are presented. Such an element can appear on specific lines or all at once. If it expands, stretching can occur horizontally and vertically.

It often happens that a wild falls out during free spins and completely fills the screen. The more it is presented on the field for the game, the more the participant gets. But it is worth noting that its loss is just a matter of chance. It is unrealistic to understand the general algorithm of the gaming machine.


At the end of this review, it should be noted that the wild symbol plays an important role in any slot machine and allows players to increase their own chances of winning. With its help, it will not be difficult to make winnings more frequent and larger. Using this feature, you can not only replace any of the pictures (except for bonus, scatter, and other special symbols) but also get additional prizes.

In addition, the capabilities of the wild symbol are not limited to this. Very often, the developers of slot machines expand the functionality of this element with the help of a number of unusual options, which you have learned about in this article.

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