I began by buying a crate of each kind of 6.5 Creedmoor ammunition that was marked as being “match” or “target” or “contest” ammunition and was at all well known. There are clear ones that most everybody knows about, similar to Hornady, Berger, PRIME, and Federal Premium – however I didn’t leave it there. I went to well known ammunition distribution centers and sifted down to 6.5 Creedmoor ammunition and afterward looked for “match” and observed a couple of others I didn’t know about. I additionally requested two or three assortments of “specially stacked” ammunition from Copper Creek. The slug loads for the ammunition tried went from 120 to 147 grains, with the larger part around 140 grains. I wound up with two boxes of 19 unmistakable kinds of match ammunition, which added up to $1,600!

Here is the finished rundown of the ammunition types I remembered for the test:

Barnes Precision Match 140 gr. OTM

Berger Match 120 gr. Lapua Scenar-L

Berger Match 130 gr. Half breed OTM

Berger Match 140 gr. Half breed Target

Dark Hills 147 gr. ELD-M

Copper Creek Berger 140 gr. Half breed

Copper Creek Berger 144 gr. Long Range Hybrid

Government Premium Gold Medal Berger 130 gr. Crossover OTM

Government Premium Gold Medal Sierra 140 gr. MatchKing

Hornady Match 120 gr. ELD-M

Hornady Match 140 gr. ELD-M

Hornady Match 147 gr. ELD-M

Norma Match 130 gr. Brilliant Target Hybrid

Nosler Match Grade 140 gr. Custom Competition

Nosler Match Grade 140 gr. RDF

PRIME 130 gr. MatchKing (USA-Made)

Remington Premier Match Barnes 140 gr. OTM

Sig Sauer Elite Performance Match 140 gr. OTM

Winchester Match 140 gr. MatchKing

While I might have contacted organizations like Hornady, Berger, PRIME, Federal, and others, and they would have cheerfully sent me limited or even free ammunition for this test – I chose to get everything for full retail cost from famous internet based wholesalers. I didn’t tell any of the producers that I was in any event, doing this test. I addressed full retail cost for all the ammunition to guarantee none of it was filtered out or stacked “extraordinary” for this test. It was generally arbitrary ammunition off a rack some place. Truth be told, I requested one box of each in December 2019 from famous web-based wholesalers, and afterward 6.5 creedmoor ammo I held up a half year and requested one more box of each from something else altogether of merchants. PRIME and Copper Creek just sell direct to clients, so I needed to arrange those from the producer straightforwardly. I ensured no producers realized I was directing this test, and holding up a half year between orders ought to guarantee the ammunition tried is illustrative of what you can anticipate.

6.5 Creedmoor Ammo Review

Estimated Round-To-Round Consistency

Not really settled to quantify and test whatever I might. I began by attempting to evaluate the round-to-adjust consistency when it came to actual aspects and weight. I took an entire box of each sort of ammunition, I estimated the length from the cartridge base to the projectile ogive (CBTO), the shot concentricity, and the general weight. I will say there were in excess of a couple of astonishments in which ones were super-steady – and which ones were NOT! A couple of them didn’t fall into what I’d consider match-grade resistances. I figured it would be intriguing to perceive how much connection there was between the consistency of these actual properties and execution in the field as far as gathering size and gag speed consistency.


Sartorius Entris II BCE64-1S Analytical Balance Powder Scale For Precision Reloading

I additionally put resources into a Sartorius Entris II BCE64-1S Analytical Balance and a few additional cases of a couple of kinds of ammunition so I could dismantle the rounds to quantify how predictable the powder charges were as far as weight. Those outcomes were exceptionally intriguing, and in a forthcoming post, we’ll perceive how those estimations relate with execution.

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