Write a preliminary thesis based on the purpose of the research paper

The thesis acts as the general thought of your work, making a statement about an issue, then arguing for that statement. At this stage, write my essay and sketch out only a preliminary thesis of your work (1-2 sentences, no more), because in the process of research it may change. Remember that all of your research work should be related to the thesis, and therefore it is extremely important to define the thesis quite clearly. [five]

A thesis is, in general, the very question that your work is devoted to finding an answer to. What is it? What hypothesis do you want to confirm or disprove? Let’s say the question is: “How does socio-cultural stigmatization increase the chances of successful treatment of mental illnesses? “From there you can deduce the thesis – and it will be the answer you received to this question. This is how it is – easy, simple, and elegant.

The thesis should express the main idea of ​​the work, but not include arguments for or against, as well as a retelling of your entire work. A thesis is just a statement, not a list of arguments, which, by and large, is the article itself.

Define the main questions of the article. While working on the article, you will need to give answers to the questions that you consider the most important (in the context of the topic under study, of course). There is only one piece of advice here – go back to all your found materials and rough sketches, and see what questions run through them like a red thread. Think about what you can write an entire paragraph, or even more? What are your ideas confirmed by many objective facts? Write down your main questions on paper, and then write down any related materials under each one.

  • At this stage, the order of material submission is important. Place your most “killer” conclusions or questions at the beginning of the article, and more controversial ones – towards the end.
  • It is not at all necessary to limit yourself to one main point, one paragraph of text, especially if you are writing serious research. The main ideas can be expressed in as much text as you deem necessary.

Don’t forget about formatting requirements. Depending on what kind of article you are writing, different design requirements may apply to it. You can find out more about this from the person who gave you the task. Remember that formatting requirements can change the way you prepare a draft article.

Finish the draft. Taking into account everything we told you about, prepare a draft version of the article. Don’t forget about alignment, write my essay for me padding, and stuff like that. The draft is a summary of your article in list format. By the way, do not forget to add all relevant quotes to this list so as not to waste time searching for them later.

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