When packing for their vacations, most people are preoccupied with clothes, phones, and cosmetics. But some travelers can’t imagine a trip without their earbuds, especially if they own the xFyro ANC Pro.

These hybrid ANC earbuds are a perfect travel companion for several reasons. They offer reliable noise-suppressing capabilities, a long-lasting battery, and a compact design that doesn’t harm your ears. All of which can make a world of difference during your travels.

ANC to Filter Out Unwanted Sounds

xFyro ANC Pro comes with powerful active noise cancellation abilities. They can block around 80% of annoying sounds when traveling by airplane, train, or bus. With 30dB of ANC power, they can filter out plane engines and traffic, outperforming many premium brands.

The device features two ANC modes. Besides the standard regime, you also get the so-called Transparency Mode. It’s powered by a sophisticated system that listens to your environment while you’re grooving to your music, and lowers the volume when detecting a critical sound (e.g., a flight attendant addressing you). Unwanted noise remains canceled to avoid interference.

As a result, the system has a two-way role – immersing you in your tunes and preventing you from being oblivious to your surroundings. It ensures only vital noises can interrupt your songs, delivering a seamless listening experience.

Industry-Leading Battery

One of the most common problems associated with earbuds is limited battery life. Luckily, xFyro ANC Pro doesn’t face this issue, offering a battery that can last up to 10 hours per charge. You also get an additional 90 hours in the carrying case, amounting to 100 hours of uninterrupted playtime. Consequently, you may not even need to recharge the earbuds on shorter vacations.

Comfortable Inner-Ear Fit

Another feature tourist will appreciate is the earbuds’ ergonomic design. ANC Pro conforms to the shape of your ear canal to ensure a perfect fit. Instead of jamming them into the ear, you can insert them with minimal pressure. The device feels great and doesn’t cause any itching or irritation, even if worn for over eight hours.

This snug fit also prevents the earbuds from slipping out. They’ll remain firmly in place if you’re taking a morning jog or performing other demanding activities.

Water-Resistant and Dustproof Exterior

XFyro ANC Pro boasts IPX5 certification, meaning they can take on heavy rainfall and come out unscathed. This feature is a must-have for people visiting areas prone to monsoons, hurricanes, and other phenomena that expose the earbuds to moisture.

There’s also a sealed and buttonless surface that keeps dust and other particles from penetrating the exterior. Accordingly, you can take a stroll on a sandy beach without worrying about sand intrusion.

All You Need for a Music-Filled Journey

With xFyro ANC Pro, your trip is sure to be more enjoyable. The earbuds allow you to listen your favorite songs in any weather due to optimal water resistance. Unwanted sounds won’t be a problem, either, as the cutting-edge ANC filters them out in seconds. Best of all, the high-capacity battery and comfortable design will maximize your playtime.

To find out more about this hi-tech product, visit xFyro’s website.

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