Yamaha FG700s Acoustic Guitar Review

Yamaha’s FG series has been the choice of legends by now. It’s among the oldest and most famous groups of acoustic guitars available on the market. For years, Yamaha FG700s has been the model you could buy no matter where you have been and the budget. And you recognized that the performance you received for your investment was well worth it. Yamaha FG700s acoustic guitars delivers the sort of experience in a modern bundle. Without a question one of the most affordable acoustic guitar you will pick up for about $300 right now. However, if you want to explore more options, you can click here.


Top Strong Sitka Spruce
Nut Width 43mm
Neck Nato neck
Body Shape Dreadnought
Nuts and Saddle Synthetic plastic
Back and Sides Nato
Electronics Null


For its price, the Yamaha FG700S folk acoustic guitar is an excellent deal on one side. It is a well-crafted guitar. It looks well after being put together and has the professional craft you would expect of a big brand name like Yamaha. On the other hand, it does not have the cheap rate “feel” that you might expect from a guitar of its class. As with other Japanese brands, quality is one of the major selling points. Yamaha has always been true to their culture of excellence and their products are very well known on Music Critic – a community of artists and producers.

It is also a lower range guitar, but it sounds about the same as a guitar that goes for around $50 less, making it a challenging price jump to explain. The factor that can describe it is the warranty, which sadly does not cover very well, especially not poor construction that can easily be discounted as harm caused by the customer.

Action and Feel

The performance on the Yamaha guitar FG700S is powerful, right out of the box. It isn’t too high or too low; it reaches the sweet spot right in the center, making it easy to play no matter your choice. The intonation is another story: several places on the spine, often toward the twelfth fret, where even the notes are smooth, which creates dissonance between chords. Intonation is typically judged on a scenario basis, but over several instruments, recently unboxed, the issue continued. So, while the guitar will sound fantastic to play, it would be essential to have it set up professional after purchase.


High gloss paint is usually a lousy choice on full-sized acoustic guitars because it gives them the pain to handle when sweating takes part during extended playing sessions. Luckily, the high gloss coating shown on the FG700S Yamaha is not a traditional coat. It does not provide the “squeegeed window” look of other layers, and it looks much smoother, which is a good change of pace.

Tone Consistency

It doesn’t sound like you’d imagine a guitar this cheap to say. It’s smooth and sensitive, with a warm timber. It suits every genre that centers on a steel acoustic. The sustain is long enough elegant fingerstyle ballads. And there is plenty of resonance for solos.

Although it has a rather discordant sound out of the box, it’ll round out and grow more bass as you play it more. Along with the general durability, this makes the Yamaha FG700s solid top acoustic guitar an excellent alternative for intermediates and beginners who want more to progress on. It welcomes and inspires you to play more. Check out guide for the best acoustic guitar under 100.

Top Uses

  • Used for learning hence it is a strong guitar for beginners
  • It is ideal for recording
  • It is fantastic for jamming
  • It is better used in small venues



Outstanding in this price A few reported more significant string action
Powerful sound projection No cutaway
Easy to play
Very flexible tone


The mystery behind the FG series lies inside Yamaha’s no-nonsense approach. They’ve introduced a reliable function-over-form method that has been paying off ever since first FG guitars left the store. Strong top guitars don’t come much cheaper than this. It’s one of the most simplistic guitars in Yamaha’s FG series, but the sound and price are commendable.

In a modern setting, Yamaha FG700s solid top acoustic guitar, natural build efficiency, and fair pricing is the best package around at the market. All of this together allows for a very competent acoustic guitar which is more than ideal for beginners. With that said, this is one of the templates that can comfortably keep up with the specifications of higher ability levels. Whatever genre you aim to play, a FG700s Yamaha guitar can handle it with style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Yamaha FG700S a decent beginner guitar?

It is one of the best around. Its good build quality means you can keep it around while you get better.

Q: Does this matter if the player is left-handed?

If a left-handed man chose to learn to play this guitar left-handed, he or she could quickly reverse the order of the strings, or they can order a left-handed edition. The left-handed variant would be different in that the pickguard will be positioned on the opposite side to shield the guitar from strumming.

Q: Does it keep the tune well?

It keeps its tune way better than a lot of novice acoustics out there. Depending on the strings, it will remain in tune for weeks.

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