You Want To Know Whether Your Insurance Works Abroad: Ensure You Are Covered

Many Americans are not sure whether their medical cover back at home would cover them when abroad in case of eventualities. Before you travel abroad, it’s essential to research your insurance cover. Most people would ask, does health insurance work abroad? The answer is no. If you find any gaps in your insurance cover, make sure you make prior arrangements for the most appropriate plan for your needs before you move out.

Contact Your Healthcare Insurance Provider

You need to contact your healthcare insurance provider to determine whether the company will cover your medical care abroad.

Question: Will Domestic Insurance Policy Cover You While Abroad?

Your domestic insurance plan will not offer insurance coverage outside the US, or at its best, the insurance cover may offer only a limited insurance cover. Public healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover medical expenses for Americans living abroad. Therefore, it’s essential to organize a private insurance cover to meet your healthcare needs while abroad.

Factors To For Selecting An International Insurance Plan

Since your domestic healthcare insurance will not cover your medical expenses overseas, it’s time to consider an international healthcare plan.

1. Choose an Insurance Company That Grants You Choices

When you get sick while abroad, it should not be stressful simply because you don’t have a chance to make your choices. Look for an insurance company that grants you an opportunity to choose. For example, you may want to choose the hospital that provides you with the best medical services. You may have a condition that may force you to prefer either a male or female doctor. Your insurance cover provider should grant you the comfort you greatly deserve.

2. Preventive and General Wellness Care

Moving abroad does not exempt your body from risks of falling ill, hence finding an international insurance cover that will be able to take care of your general health check-ups once in a while, dental check-ups as well as eye check-ups. Remember you are on a mission as an expert or as a tourist, do not allow your health to take a toll on you. Visiting a health specialist is essential to keep yourself in good shape throughout your stay abroad.

3. Choose Quality Over Cost

The cost of medical services in the US is high; you may move to another place where the relative cost of medical care is relatively cheap. However, do not settle on low-cost medical insurance without understanding the quality of medical care you will be receiving. A low-cost medical plan may force you to dig deeper into your pockets. If you receive more specialized and technologically advanced services such as MRI, a low-cost healthcare plan may not cover; hence you will have to pay out of your pockets. It’s therefore essential you consider an insurance cover while abroad that values quality healthcare.

4. Extended Stay

An extended stay abroad beyond your initial insurance cover or past the time your employer had covered you may mean a gap in your insurance coverage. Do not allow gaps in your medical insurance coverage even when you feel that your fitness is at its top. Therefore, choose an insurance cover that may consider your extended stay overseas. If not, organize for an insurance cover for the extended period of stay. Guard your health at all costs.

5. Compare Monthly Vs Annual Premiums

Consider comparing your monthly premiums against yearly premiums. If paying your annual medical insurance cover at once saves you more money when you weigh against monthly premium contributions, then you can consider making your payments once.

You Want To Know Whether Your Insurance Works Abroad: Ensure You Are Covered

6. Consider When to Apply for Overseas Medical Insurance Cover

You may have planned to move overseas half and year or a year earlier before your travel date. However, your insurance healthcare provider may not offer the insurance coverage until about 45 days from your travel date. Therefore, you can inquire about the best time to commit yourself to the insurance cover and prepare in advance but within their timelines.

7. The Cost of Your International Policy Cover

One of the most likely questions you ask your international insurance agent or broker is about the cost of healthcare insurance cover. You will need insurance coverage you can afford, either the monthly premiums or the single annual payment.  However, you will have to weigh the insurance benefits vs the cost of the insurance cover. Ensure that you pay for what meets your needs and at the expected standards. Remember, you should not sacrifice the quality of your medical care for the sake of a cheap insurance cover.

8. Additional Cover for The USA

When you move abroad as an expert, you are likely to return home to have some time with your family or for a break. Therefore, it’s essential to ask your medical insurance firm to consider additional coverage to the US. The extra coverage should cover your short stay in the US if the option were not part of the original package. Additionally, you may require additional coverage when you need special medical attention not available in your country of residence.


When you move overseas, your National Medical coverage will not apply in your new home. Therefore, it’s essential to visit an international insurance broker or agent to discuss your health insurance coverage needs. Go for quality over cheap coverage, which might for you to dig deeper into your pockets if you happen to attend specialized treatment. Ensure that your international insurance coverage does not leave gaps whether you are abroad or visiting your family or your home doctor temporarily.

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