Younique Offers Up to 45% Off With Packed With Care Bundle Sale

Beauty and cosmetics company Younique has announced bundle #2 for their holiday promotion sale. As part of Something Worth Celebrating, the bundle launching on November 8th is called Packed With Care. It is a bundle connected to face makeup, offering customers a chance to buy foundation, a concealer or face brush, and primer at a discounted rate. Savings can jump to 45% off when packaging three products together.

Products in the face makeup category are some of the most popular purchases made by Younique customers. At the top of anyone’s list is getting a foundation that not only goes smoothly but stays on and needs minimal touch-ups. Younique allows shoppers to put their choice of foundation in this bundle, ensuring that they get the right fit for their skin.

Included as part of the bundle is the Younique Touch serum+ foundation, pressed powder foundation, spray foundation, stick foundation, and BB Flawless complexion enhancer. All colors will restock for the best availability at the start of the sale.

A foundation is only part of the puzzle, as most also need additional makeup to get the look they want. One common choice is a concealer, and shoppers have a chance to add this to their bundle if they wish. The Younique Touch skin solution concealer has a reputation for being lightweight and easy to blend. It’s also healthy for the skin and long-lasting to prevent the need for touch-ups.

Younique has added the six newest shades of skin solution concealer to the sale for those hoping to try out a different option. This is the lowest price ever for these newest shades.

No need for a concealer? Shoppers can trade out the concealer for their choice of face brush. Younique offers face brushes for different applications, ensuring that their products go on perfectly. A face brush can make a huge difference in how any product looks once completed. Younique offers eight different face brushes currently for any type of need.

Finally, customers have the opportunity to add a primer to their bundle for additional savings. This is optional since not everyone needs a primer for their setup. Younique offers three different types of primers, covering all skin types.

The Touch Glorious face primer is the most common option from Younique. It works well with all different types of skin and needs minimal touch-ups throughout the day. There’s also the hydrating face primer and mattifying face primer, which help those who might be dealing with specific skin issues. By counteracting problems the skin might have, the primer allows for customers to shine.

Discounts on all the products only apply when bundled. The sale officially starts on November 8th and wraps up on November 14th. With limited quantities, shoppers are encouraged to jump on the deal early. Some of the more popular shades and product choices are likely to sell out by the end of the week.

To learn more about the holiday promotion, visit the official website at They make all announcements through their holiday promotions hub.

About Younique Products

Younique was founded in 2012, aiming to provide not only high-quality beauty products but a way for women to have selling opportunities through social media.

The company became one of the first to heavily focus on all the benefits social media provides, selling almost exclusively through the most popular platforms. Presenters have the opportunity to make money selling top-rated products to family, friends, and anyone else they come across. In under a decade, it has evolved into one of the most successful direct sales companies in the industry.

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