Your Birth Chart and What It Means for You

When most people think of astrology, they only think of their one “zodiac sign.” These sun signs aren’t everything, though. If you’ve ever met a Scorpio who is outgoing and breezy or a Leo who has confidence issues, the explanation lies deeper in their astrology. In order to truly understand how the stars affect your life, it’s crucial to look at what zodiac psychics call your whole birth chart.

What Is a Birth Chart?

Think of a birth chart as your own super-personalized astrological fingerprint. It’s a literal map of the stars that marks where roving celestial objects (such as the sun, moon and planets) were situated at the time of your birth.

A birth chart also divides the night sky into “houses,” which are like territories. Each area of sky represents a different aspect of your life. For example, the seventh house is an area associated with deep romantic love. Any planets that were in that sector at the moment of your birth greatly influence your love life.

If you have an interest in astrology, one of the first steps you can take is having one of the best online psychics take a look at your birth chart. Then, as you apply their interpretation of the chart to your everyday life, you can refine what the chart means for you.

What Is a Rising Sign and What Does It Signify?

A birth chart will also tell you your rising sign, or ascendant, which is just as important as your sun sign. The rising sign was the sign positioned in the eastern sky when you were born (like a sunrise.) It acts as a guiding light for your entire life.

Your rising sign is your calling card to the world, while your sun sign is closer to your true inner self. Sometimes, your rising sign will be nothing like your sun sign. This is where all of the laid-back Capricorns and flighty Tauruses come from!

How Do Planets Help Interpret Our Birth Charts?

Each planet and celestial body shifts in significance depending on where it lands in your birth chart. You may think of Venus as the goddess of love and beauty, but as this planet moves through different houses, it can take on myriad new meanings.

In monthly horoscopes, you’ve probably seen references to planets “squaring off” and “wielding influence” on certain houses. Like people, each celestial body contains multitudes and is affected deeply by its surroundings.

Understand the Planets and Their Meanings

In astrology, your “inner chart” consists of the positions of the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Accurate psychics use this portion of your birth chart to form predictions for short-term events.

Planets on the other side of the asteroid belt move more slowly, and are best for contextualizing long-term life trends and goals. Both sets are important to interpret when looking at your birth chart.

Don’t be intimidated by your birth chart. While it may seem like a huge puzzle to unravel, there are no right or wrong answers, only useful personalized guidance.

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