While your body is not as exposed to environmental pollution as your face, sagging, roughness and pigmentation can occur below the neck as well. At the point when we consider skin health management, facial consideration is generally the initial thing to fly into our psyches. It is normal for individuals to have a good face care regimen, but their whole body care routine is frequently neglected. Taking whole body care is undeniably a more difficult process than simply taking care of your face, however, it is certainly worth laying out a body skin health management as well as distinguishing what body care products turn out best for you to keep your skin feeling great and replenished, plus who doesn’t want to glow from head to toe?

Having good skincare products isn’t everything: You must apply your items in the precise order for them to be effective. Your regimen will be determined by your skin type, product components and blends, and the hour of the day.


Take care of your skin and clean it well. Sweat, dirt, cologne, moisturizer, and sunscreen all must be wiped off of the skin. To allow skin products to permeate, the skin must be clean from all the dust and unwanted buildup. Search for a mild body wash that will not irritate or dry out your skin. Foam up with a loofah, sponge, or simply using your hands, then rinse well before moving ahead.


Exfoliating not only removes dead skin cells but also stimulates blood flow and prepares your skin to better absorb the pleasures of body care products. It is worthwhile to take some time and understand how to properly exfoliate in order to thoroughly cleanse your skin and clean your pores. Instead of using scrubs, seek products that include alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs). These acids scrub the skin’s surface and work on its texture. Aside from giving you radiant skin, these acid groups can hold out your body acne and collect what the body washes left. They are more effective than regular scrubs at removing excess oil from pores and minimizing sebum production.

Or you can exfoliate your body twice or thrice per week by incorporating a homemade sugar scrub while taking shower. Take 1 cup of sugar, combine ¼ cup of olive oil, then add a few drops of lemon juice, and 10-15 drops of essential oil. Mix it well and gently massage this coarse mixture on your damp skin. Pay special attention to your elbows, knuckles, heels, and knees, which probably have dark and rough patches that require extra exfoliation.


Every day our skin is exposed to factors that can cause dryness, cracks, and get harmed, which is the reason why moisturizing is critical to hold our skin’s safeguard under control. Exfoliating can make skin dry so it is necessary to moisturize afterward. After exfoliating, replenish moisture with body oils or body butters to get soft and supple skin.

Best time to moisturize the skin is right after you come from the shower. Apply a moisturizing lotion or cream over your entire body, from neck to toes, and let it absorb properly before getting dressed.



Lemon functions as a natural bleaching agent since it contains antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics. Lemon, in addition to whitening the complexion, aids in the exfoliation of dead skin cells. To make an underarm pack, combine turmeric and lemon juice. Take ¼ tablespoon of turmeric, add honey and a few drops of lemon in it. Apply it for around 15 minutes before rinsing it off.


In a cup of curd, beat one egg white and thoroughly combine the ingredients. Apply the mixture to your face and any other areas of your body where black patches may be seen. Allow the mixture to sit for about half an hour before washing it off. As a result, your skin will become clear and blemish-free.


This is a simple one-ingredient solution that can help you get rid of blackheads. Before hitting your bed, apply tomato pulp to the face and wash it off the next morning. Tomatoes are also antimicrobial, which helps to dry up blackheads. Tomatoes are also an excellent exfoliant and their acidic characteristics unclog pores.


Eating a skin-healthy diet and drinking lots of water will significantly improve the health of your skin. Never leave the house without sun protection. Sunscreen not only protects your skin from dangerous UV rays, but also helps to prevent sunburns, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Always bathe with lukewarm water, since either too hot or too cold water might harm your skin. Warm water dries out your skin, washes away, and deprives your skin of its natural oils. Cold showers, on the other hand, may be very harsh on your immune system.

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