Using YouTube without any interruptions is the most perfect scenario while watching a video but that’s not what happens in most situations. A number of ads that appear in the beginning, in between, and after constantly interrupt the engagement and a flawless experience. Sometimes there is an option to skip the app in a few seconds but there are also ads that are unskippable and we don’t have a choice in selecting any of them. Thus the streaming experience on YouTube always tends to be a little irritating with those ad interruptions.

YouTube Ad Blocker

YouTube Vanced is an advanced YouTube client application that gives us a solution to the issue. The app enables the users to access all the videos on Youtube and integrates it with the features offered by YouTube Vanced. That app comes with an in-built Ad-blocker feature that instantly blockers all the advertisements that come with the video at any point in time. So yes YouTube ads are no longer a nightmare when you want to enjoy watching but YouTUbe Vanced is not just an adblocker, there is much more than that. It has features like Free Downloading, Background Music Player, Pop-Up Player, etc. Let’s have a look at those advanced features offered by the app.

Video and Audio Downloader

You can easily download a video from YouTube or convert it as an audio file and download it through the YouTube Vanced application. 

While tapping on the download option, You will be able to select the format and video quality accordingly. The app supports 144p to 4k downloads.

Background Music Play From YouTube

Ad-Free YouTube

Imagine an option to play videos from Youtube like in a music player! Juts music, nothing else. YouTube Vanced enables that option for free. Yes, You heard it right. You can play those videos in the background of your phone just like a music player. One tap on the “background” option below the video screen will enable the feature.

Pop-Up Player

Another important feature is that when you want to multitask, YouTube Vanced has a handy feature to continue watching videos while using another application. It works with a floating screen that plate the video appears on the phone screen which can be resized and navigated through the screen. A click on the pop-up feature will do the work to use the feature.

How to Download?

Go to the official website: or you can click download the YouTube Vanced apk here. It will take to the official website where you can easily download the YouTube Vanced safe. While downloading, make sure that you give the necessary permissions for the download.

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